July 8, 2020

Missouri Renews $6 Million in Funding for "Alternatives to Abortion" Program

Missouri State Capitol
Photo Credit: Shellie Gonzalez / Flickr
Before the 4th of July holiday, MO. Gov. Mike Parson signed into law a budget bill that renewed $6 million in funding to the state's Alternatives to Abortion program.

Under the program, Missouri women can qualify for a variety of services if they are pregnant and live at or below 185% of the poverty level. Once they are accepted, Alternatives to Abortion assists women for a year after their child is born. The services the program provides include child care, domestic abuse protection, drug and alcohol treatment, educational services, food, clothing, pregnancy supplies, housing, job training and placement, medical and mental health care, parenting education, prenatal care, transportation, ultrasounds, utilities, and adoption assistance.

Rather than feeling pressured into abortion, low-income women in Missouri can receive support from their state government which helps them have the resources to choose life for their children. Illinois tries to undercut this by turning itself into an abortion hub for neighboring pro-life states. It's sad to see a neighboring state make sacrifices to help women and children while in Illinois children are sacrificed for the sake of convenience.