July 8, 2020

Gallup Poll Shows Pro-Life Lead vs. Pro-Choice Single-Issue Voters

Pro-life advocates at March for Life 2015
Photo Credit: American Life League / Flickr
A new Gallup poll shows promising information for pro-life advocates in coming elections. The percentage of pro-life Americans who see abortion as a "threshold issue" when voting for any candidate is significantly higher than pro-abortion Americans.

Gallup posted an article called "One in Four Americans Consider Abortion a Key Voting Issue" discussing its recent poll and how the statistics differ from previous years. For pro-lifers, one statement in particular sticks out: "Currently, 30% of those in the pro-life camp and 19% in the pro-choice camp say they are single-issue voters when it comes to abortion." This means that a pro-life voter is more likely to refuse to vote for a candidate who supports abortion than a pro-abortion candidate is to refuse to vote for a pro-life candidate. 

Gallup also noted that this stat follows a trend: "The latest findings, from Gallup’s annual Values and Beliefs poll conducted May 1-13, show the continuation of a trend seen since 2001 whereby Americans who consider themselves to be pro-life are more likely than those who identify as pro-choice to say abortion is a threshold issue."

Pro-life advocates are passionate, and it is easy to imagine the number of pro-life voters who refuse to vote for candidates who disagree on the issue of abortion going even higher than 30% in the future.