May 27, 2020

Pro-Abortion Group Calls on FDA to Seize Websites Advertising Abortion Pill Reversal

Photo Credit: Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash
A pro-abortion group calling itself Campaign for Accountability (CFA) sent a letter on May 20 to the FDA asking the government to seize websites belonging to pro-life groups for advertising abortion pill reversal.

Abortion pill reversal is a process in which a woman takes progesterone to counteract the effects of mifepristone, the first part of the abortion pill regiment. Mifepristone works by blocking a pregnant mother's natural progesterone, which is vital to delivering nutrients and oxygen to an unborn child. By replacing the blocked progesterone quickly after a woman has taken mifepristone, some children who would otherwise be aborted can be saved.

Pro-lifers were quick to point out the hypocrisy of the situation. Abortion Pill Rescue Medical Advisor Dr. Brent Boles told Live Action News, “There are over 20,000 medications approved for use in America by the FDA. A very small number of them have restrictions on their prescribing. All the others are okay for off-label use. But there are 57 drugs that are limited by REMS [Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategy].”

Dr. Boles added, “… Only 57 out of more than 20,000 are sufficiently dangerous to require that. Mifeprex [the abortion pill] is one of those drugs, and abortion activists criticize the off-label use of progesterone while also wanting to ignore the restrictions on one of the 57 most dangerous drugs available.”

Abortion advocates have been working to get around FDA restrictions on the abortion pill for a while (with some success). This caused pro-life organizations to call on the FDA to seize websites selling abortion pills from overseas and shipping them to U.S. residents without them even having to visit a doctor. This is required of the abortion pill regiment so that doctors have the chance to diagnose conditions such as ectopic pregnancy. If a woman with an ectopic pregnancy attempts to abort via the abortion pill, she is likely to face serious injury or death.

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Flossmoor, IL Planned Parenthood Calls Ambulance Two Days in a Row

Photo Credit: Operation Rescue
Operation Rescue found that a Planned Parenthood clinic in Flossmoor, Illinois had patients picked up by ambulances two days in a row near the beginning of this month. In the first of these cases, the abortion clinic delayed the response by calling a private ambulance company roughly 20 minutes away. The next day, the same Planned Parenthood clinic called 911 to get an ambulance to pick up a patient with a "possible uterine perforation."

A pro-life bystander provided footage from May 7 to Operation Rescue showing a private ambulance from Dalton, Illinois loading a patient in a gurney into the back for transport. The ambulance did not appear to be using its lights and sirens, which abortion clinics sometimes request in order to minimize the negative PR that comes with harming their patients during dangerous abortion procedures. If the private ambulance had its sirens turned off for the full duration of its trip from Dalton, Operation Rescue estimated the trip would take 22 minutes. This is an obviously slow response time for an emergency situation.

On May 8, the Planned Parenthood clinic in Flossmoor injured yet another patient, but this time the clinic called 911. In a recording of the call obtained by Operation Rescue, an employee describes the injury as a "possible perf," which confuses the 911 operator. The employee then describes the injury as a "possible uterine perforation." This injury is caused by an abortionist tearing a hole in a woman's uterus while trying to remove the remains of a dead child during a surgical abortion. Uterine perforation can lead to hemorrhage, future infertility, or damage to other internal organs depending on the severity. The Planned Parenthood employee's use of slang to describe the injury implies that it is fairly common.

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May 26, 2020

Biden Campaign Reportedly Vetting Pro-Abortion Sen. Klobuchar and Rep. Val Demings for VP

Sen. Klobuchar
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr
Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has yet to announce who his running mate will be, but various media outlets are now reporting that pro-abortion Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and pro-abortion Florida Rep. Val Demings are undergoing a vetting process for the position.

National Right to Life's count of Sen. Klobuchar's record shows that the senator consistently voted on the pro-abortion side 36 times out of the 36 opportunities she was given.

Regarding Rep. Demings, NRL News pointed out that she could help secure the important Florida vote during the election. She would also energize anti-Trump voters since she served as a House manager during the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

May 22, 2020

"AKA Jane Roe" Documentary to Cast Doubt on Norma McCorvey's Pro-Life Conversion

Norma McCorvey
A documentary by FX airing today is expected to portray that the "Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade only pretended to become pro-life in exchange for financial gain, including a "deathbed confession" interview. Pro-life friends and onlookers alike are devastated at the news.

National Right to Life gave the following statement:
"Norma McCorvey, a woman who survived trauma and rejection that she experienced for most of her life, was welcomed and loved by the pro-life movement from the moment she entered it. It is with a heavy heart that we hear of a documentary that casts doubt on her intentions. 
Regardless of what she may or may not have said in the documentary, it does not take away from the truth about abortion or the fact that the foundation of Roe v. Wade was a lie. Norma McCorvey never had an abortion. She was used by pro-abortion attorneys to push a narrative that did not exist solely to challenge a Texas law that prohibited abortions except to save a mother’s life. 
Norma’s legacy in the pro-life movement remains. She showed the world that the abortion industry lied in 1973 and continues to lie to young women today."
Click here to read a response from Allan Parker, head counsel of McCorvey's effort to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Click here to read a response from Fr. Frank Pavone, head of Priests for Life who says he was close to McCorvey for decades.

Senators Urge DOJ to Investigate Planned Parenthood for Taking Coronavirus Relief Loans

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.)
In response to reports claiming that Planned Parenthood affiliates took $80 million in federal loans under the CARES Act's Paycheck Protection Plan, 27 senators led by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) have signed a letter to the Department of Justice calling for an investigation into the matter.

The letter addressed to Attorney General William Barr includes the following excerpt:
“The implementing interim final rule, issued by the SBA on April 15, 2020, explicitly stated that the SBA’s affiliation rules apply to the new Paycheck Protection Program, which excludes organizations like Planned Parenthood that employ its type of governance and affiliation structure and exceed the cap on total employees. Trump administration officials were also quoted in public reports, explicitly clarifying that the SBA’s interim final rule ensured that no funds from the Paycheck Protection Program could go to Planned Parenthood.”
The letter also quoted Planned Parenthood's lobbying arm, Planned Parenthood Action, making it clear the abortion giant knew the funds were meant to exclude them: “The bill gives the Small Business Administration broad discretion to exclude Planned Parenthood affiliates and other non-profits serving people with low incomes and deny them benefits under the new small business loan program.”

A statement from Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s vice president of government relations and public policy, Jacqueline Ayers, claims that the organization did nothing wrong. “Like many other local nonprofits and health care providers, some independent Planned Parenthood 501(c)(3) organizations applied for and were awarded loans under the eligibility rules established by the CARES Act and the Small Business Administration (SBA), which they met,” she said.

If Planned Parenthood affiliates are found to have committed fraud when applying for small business loans, they could face legal consequences.

Click here to read the full text of the senators' letter, including the list of signatures.

Granite City Abortion Clinic Hospitalizes Second Patient in Six Weeks

Photo Credit: Operation Rescue
Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, IL, which hospitalized one of its patients on March 28, hospitalized yet another patient during the COVID-19 crisis on May 7.

In the most recent incident, a woman had a seizure during a surgical abortion procedure and required emergency transport to a hospital. To make the situation worse, the procedure was taking place on the second floor of the facility, and the elevator was out. This meant emergency personnel needed to carry the suffering patient downstairs before loading her into an ambulance.

Just like the previous incident, this patient was then transported to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. There is an Illinois hospital directly across the street from Hope Clinic, but the abortion clinic presumably does not have admitting privileges there.

Sadly, a pro-life onlooker saw the same woman come back to the clinic the following day to complete a surgical abortion.

This marks the third time this blog has covered an Operation Rescue story about an Illinois clinic hospitalizing a woman during the COVID-19 pandemic (the second time for this clinic alone). Operation Rescue also wrote about an incident requiring the hospitalization of a woman at Family Planning Associates in Chicago on March 6. Chicago is by far the area hit hardest by COVID-19.

Abortion clinics should never have received special permission to remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic when real medical facilities were forced to remain closed under Governor Pritzker's orders. The governor did not have the best interest of his political allies in mind rather than the people of Illinois.

Click here to read the full story from Operation Rescue

May 21, 2020

Federal Government Demands Planned Parenthood Return $80 Million in Loans Meant for Small Business Relief During COVID-19

Photo Credit: Janeen McCrae / Flickr
Planned Parenthood took advantage of the federal government's Paycheck Protection Program(PPP) meant to assist businesses with fewer than 500 employees by taking over $80 million in loans from the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Planned Parenthood is obviously not a small business and should have been ineligible for those loans. “While each Planned Parenthood affiliate has fewer than 500 employees, nationwide it has over 16,000 employees,” a Trump administration official told the Daily Signal. “So when applying PPP’s affiliation rules neutrally, it’s clear that Planned Parenthood is one large employer and not eligible for PPP money.”

A Fox News report says the SBA will contact every Planned Parenthood affiliate that took loans to explain the rules and demand that the money back. The SBA also said that loan recipients could receive "severe penalties" if it was found that PPP recipients submitted fraudulent information when applying for funds.

Marco Rubio called for an investigation into the incident: “SBA should open an investigation into how these loans were made in clear violation of the applicable affiliation rules and if Planned Parenthood, the banks, or staff at the SBA knowingly violated the law, all appropriate legal options should be pursued.”

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Bioethicist Says Response to COVID-19 in Nursing Homes Exposes "Throwaway Culture"

Photo Credit: Ulrich Joho / Flickr
Fordham University Professor of Bioethics Charles C. Camosy decried America's response to vulnerable Americans contracting COVID-19 in nursing homes both in a Fox News and a followup piece in the New York Times.

Camosy pointed out that some estimates say roughly half of all COVID-19 deaths in the US have been nursing home residents. Despite both this and the fact that the first known outbreak occurred in a nursing home, "...we did not act. Personal protective equipment, special training and extra staff went almost exclusively to our critical care facilities. Nursing homes got virtually nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. In New York and other places we gave them patients, and even nurses, infected with the virus."

Camosy dubbed America's culture surrounding nursing homes "throwaway culture," arguing conditions in nursing homes have been poor for some time.

The people that our society resigns to nursing homes cannot be forgotten and left to die. They deserve the same respect and dignity that every other life does, and the COVID-19 response needs to reflect that. State governors who forced COVID-19 into nursing homes while only providing relief to hospitals only prove that they have no desire to protect the most vulnerable. Hopefully, this crisis can prove as a turning point after which Americans will recognize the humanity of our elderly population and respect their right to life.

Click here to read Dr. Camosy's article.

May 20, 2020

President Trump Gives Pro-Abortion WHO 30 Days to "Demonstrate Independence from China" or Permanently Lose US Funding

President Donald Trump
On Monday, President Trump threatened to make his suspension of funding to the UN World Health Organization (WHO) permanent unless the organization "demonstrate[s] independence from China." The unsurprisingly pro-abortion arm of the UN will have 30 days to make changes before Trump permanently stops the US from sending $400 million in taxpayer funds yearly.

The president made the contents of his letter public in a tweet on Monday, stating, "This is the letter sent to Dr. Tedros of the World Health Organization. It is self-explanatory!"
“The only way forward for the World Health Organization is if it can actually demonstrate independence from China,” the letter states. “I cannot allow American taxpayer dollars to continue to finance an organization that, in its present state, is so clearly not serving America’s interests.”

While the decision was not made directly because of the WHO's pro-abortion stance, the loss in funding will hinder the organization's ability to spread the false idea that abortion is essential healthcare even when there is no longer a pandemic.

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USAID Acting Administrator Urges UN to Stop Using COVID-19 to Advance Abortion Agenda

USAID Administrator John Barsa
On May 18, John Barsa, the acting administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) sent a letter to UN Secretary General António Guterres asking that the UN stop using its power to promote abortion in countries that do not want it.

Here is an excerpt from the letter (click here to read it in full):
"...Therefore, the UN should not use this crisis as an opportunity to advance access to abortion as an 'essential service.' Unfortunately, the Global HRP does just this, by cynically placing the provision of 'sexual and reproductive health services' on the same level of importance as food-insecurity, essential health care, malnutrition, shelter, and sanitation. Most egregious is that the Global HRP calls for the widespread distribution of abortion-inducing drugs and abortion supplies, and for the promotion of abortion in local country settings." 
"Under the leadership of President Donald J. Trump, the United States has made clear that we will 'never tire of defending innocent life.' President Trump said in his address to the 74th UN General Assembly that the UN simply has 'no business attacking the sovereignty of nations that wish to protect innocent life.' Indeed, the UN should not intimidate or coerce Member States that are committed to the right to life. To use the COVID-19 pandemic as a justification to pressure governments to change their laws is an affront to the autonomy of each society to determine its own national policies on health care. The United States stands with nations that have pledged to protect the unborn."
National Right to Life came out with a statement yesterday applauding Barsa for challenging the UN's pro-abortion COVID-19 relief program. Click here to read more.

May 19, 2020

Planned Parenthood Starts $5 Million Ad Campaign Focused on Abortion Access During COVID-19

Planned Parenthood Action Fund is reportedly starting a $5 million advertising campaign criticizing states with policies that temporarily limit elective abortion during the COVID-19 outbreak.

NBC News reported that Planned Parenthood Action Fund campaign "includes digital, radio, mailers, and online organizing events in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. Almost all of these states are battlegrounds in the coming November election. Some of the ads laud politicians for the work they’ve done; others urge voters to call their representatives to push back."

Rachel Sussman, Planned Parenthood Action Fund's Vice President of State Policy and Advocacy, went on to tell NBC that this was only a starting point to help voters "connect the dots" about actions that restricted abortion access in their states.

While many states restricted access to elective surgeries during the COVID-19 pandemic (much to the detriment of hospitals that don't have enough emergency patients alone to make ends meet) only some states have classified elective abortion as non-essential. The goal of restricting non-essential surgeries was to slow the spread of COVID-19 and make sure sufficient medical supplies were available for hospitals treating sick patients.

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9th Circuit Revives Church's Lawsuit Against California for Requiring Health Plans to Cover Abortion

California State Capitol
Photo Credit: Mathieu Thouvenin / Flickr
A three-judge panel from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decided on May 13th to have a lower court rehear Skyline Wesleyan Church v. California Department of Managed Health Care.

This decision contradict's the lower court's previous decision against the church; requiring it to continue including abortion coverage in its health plans. Many argue the requirement is unconstitutional, and California has no right to require churches to include abortion coverage in their health plans. Even the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights warned the state of California that the federal government could withhold funding if California didn't "stop forcing people of good will to subsidize the taking of human life."

Here are notable excerpts from the 9th Circuit's decision:

"We hold that Skyline’s claim under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment is justiciable. But we decline to exercise our discretion to reach the merits in the first instance and therefore remand to the district court for further proceedings... We hold that Skyline has suffered an injury in fact. Before the Letters were sent, Skyline had insurance that excluded abortion coverage in a way that was consistent with its religious beliefs. After the Letters were sent, Skyline did not have that coverage, and it has presented evidence that its new coverage violated its religious beliefs. There is nothing hypothetical about the situation."

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May 18, 2020

National Right to Life Asks Representatives to Oppose HEROES Act

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias
The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) wrote a letter to legislators in the House of Representatives asking them to oppose H.R. 6800, the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions Act, otherwise known as the HEROES Act. The NRLC accuses the bill of including excessive spending that will benefit an abortion industry that already appears to be thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The letter includes three main points:

-"H.R. 6800 allows Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider to qualify for loans intended for small businesses."

-"H.R. 6800 issues grants to provide enhanced premium pay to certain categories of workers, and there is nothing barring abortion industry employees from receiving this additional money."

-"H.R. 6800 creates a $100 billion dollar fund called Health Care Provider Relief Fund and this money could flow to abortion providers."

To read the entire letter to U.S. legislators, click here.

May 15, 2020

9th Circuit Uphold's Trump Administration's "Protect Life" Title X Rule

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr
Last week, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected abortion advocates' request to reconsider its ruling against a case challenging the Trump administration's "Protect Life Rule" for Title X funding.

The 9th Circuit made its decision in February after lifting a temporary injunction against the rule placed by a lower court. Pro-abortion groups have requested that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reconsider the case with a different panel of 11 judges or all 29 9th Circuit judges, but this request was rejected.

“The full court has been advised of the petitions, and no judge has requested a vote on whether to rehear the matter as a full court,” the judges wrote in their denial.

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New Planned Parenthood Clinic Opens in Waukegan, IL

Photo Credit: American Life League / Flickr
A new Planned Parenthood clinic has opened to the public in Waukegan, IL, apparently financed by Planned Parenthood donations.

Jennifer Welch, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Illinois, gave this statement in a press release: “The Covid-19 pandemic created a growing urgency for increased access to essential health care in the region. I’m proud that PPIL is able to open our doors to help area residents seeking high-quality sexual and reproductive health care.”

The press release further states that the Waukegan clinic will provide abortion medication, but it does not mention surgical abortions.

Planned Parenthood is very fortunate to be able to open new facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses have been required to temporarily close their doors, and for some that closure has become permanent since they have no income to sustain themselves. This is yet another instance of the Illinois government's favoritism benefiting the abortion industry financially.

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Aurora, IL Planned Parenthood Hospitalizes Patient During COVID-19 Lockdown

Photo Credit: Operation Rescue
Last month a Planned Parenthood Clinic in Illinois hospitalized a woman after harming her in an elective procedure. Illinois clinics take advantage of the fact that Illinois's state government grants them special treatment, and that has continued during the COVID-19 outbreak.

On April 22, a packed Planned Parenthood clinic in Aurora, IL had a patient picked up by an ambulance due to hemorrhaging caused by an elective surgical abortion procedure.

“It’s irrational that the hospital was barred from conducting elective surgical procedures, while abortion facilities are allowed to do elective surgical abortions without so much as a limit on the number of people in the facility,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, the organization that provided the above video. “Abortion facilities are treated as if they are more important than hospitals or anything else. Businesses and churches were forced to close, but abortion facilities remain open with the blessing of Democrat Gov. Pritzker.”

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May 14, 2020

Indiana Abortion Clinic Reportedly Committing Surgical Abortions Without a License

Photo Credit: Screen Capture from
Center for Medical Progress Video
A report discovered by pro-life advocates exposes that a Planned Parenthood clinic in Indiana is committing surgical abortions without a license by getting help from an abortionist shown in one of the Center for Medical Progress's undercover videos.

Tippecanoe County Right to Life reviewed two Termination of Pregnancy Reports showing that Lafayette Planned Parenthood in Lafayette, Indiana committed two surgical abortions on March 5,2020. Lafayette Planned Parenthood is only licensed for chemical abortions, so these abortions occurred without the state officials making sure the clinic was properly equipped.

Tippecanoe County Right to Life board member Kevin Niebrugge filed complaints with the Indiana Attorney General’s Office and the Indiana State Department of Health. Regarding the abortions, he said, “The Lafayette Planned Parenthood facility is not licensed to do surgical abortions, because their facility is not set up to meet the physical building and safety standards required for surgical abortions.”

The person who signed the Termination of Pregnancy Reports was Dr. Deborah Nucatola, who was filmed by pro-life undercover journalists while discussing how she harvests fetal body parts from aborted children, sometimes altering the abortion procedure to do so.

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David Daleiden and CMP File Lawsuit Against Pro-Abortion Forces for Conspiracy to Violate Constitutional Rights

David Daleiden
Photo Credit: American Life League / Flickr
A team of undercover journalists working for the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) was recently found guilty of violating California law by recording supposedly private conversations and showing the world that Planned Parenthood abortionists altered abortion procedures to harvest body parts from aborted babies and make a profit. Now, the CMP is filing a suit against pro-abortion organizations and California officials for conspiring to violate their first and fourteenth amendment rights.

“David Daleiden became the first journalist ever to be criminally prosecuted under California’s recording law, not because of the method of video recording he utilized in his investigation — which is common in investigative journalism in this state — but because his investigation revealed and he published ‘shock[ing]’ content that California’s Attorney General and the private party co-conspirators wanted to cover up. Defendants seek their ‘pound of flesh’ from Mr. Daleiden and to chill other journalists from investigating and reporting on that same content.”

The defendants in the lawsuit include:
  • The Planned Parenthood Federation of America
  • Former CA Attorney General Kamala Harris
  • Current CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra
  • The National Abortion Federation
  • StemExpress- An organization that trafficks in fetal body parts to sell for medical research
  • Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California
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May 13, 2020

BBC Uses Woman's Out-of-State Elective Abortion to Argue States Should Not Restrict Abortion During COVID-19

Photo Credit: Jess C / Flickr
In an article titled: "Coronavirus: Texas banned abortions - how did that affect women?" BBC News used a woman who traveled out of state to get an elective abortion for her child who was diagnosed with a condition called skeletal dysplasia as an argument for why elective abortion should be available during a pandemic when many other services remain restricted or unavailable.

The woman the article references says she was told by doctors that skeletal dysplasia was “incompatible with life” and they would die upon birth, but not all instances of skeletal dysplasia are deadly. There are many mutations of it, and it is even possible for doctors to misdiagnose them. BBC may be arguing that the child would have died anyway, and this woman's inability to legally abort her child in the state of Texas caused her emotional trauma, but there can always be a chance that the child would survive the pregnancy. Now the mother has to live with the fact that her child wasn't given a chance at all in addition to knowing they were diagnosed with a harmful condition.

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"The Price is Right" Donates over $97,000 to Planned Parenthood

Photo Credit: Digitas Photos / Flickr
On Monday night, the popular game show "The Price is Right" hosted a special episode featuring celebrity drag queen RuPaul. While RuPaul did not play, he did choose a charity to which the game show donated money equal to the value of the prizes contestants won. That "charity" was Planned Parenthood.

All three contestants won their respective games during that show (two of them winning cars), making the total winnings for contestants that night $97,266 according to Yahoo! Entertainment. The Yahoo article describes Planned Parenthood as an organization that "has provided much needed medical support to communities for over 100 years."

Planned Parenthood is not a charity. It is a business that earns its profits by killing innocent unborn humans. Planned Parenthood continues to receive increased funding from private donations and several states since it chose to refuse federal Title X funding. The Trump administration requires organizations receiving Title X funding to not recommend or provide abortion to pregnant women. They also cannot co-locate with organizations that do provide abortions.

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May 12, 2020

Doctors Refused to See Pregnant Woman Because of COVID-19 Pandemic. She Died Shortly After Giving Birth.

Screenshot from Amber Isaac's Twitter account
First-time mother Amber Isaac died early on the morning of April 21 at Montefiore Medical Center after giving birth to her son during an emergency C-section. New York doctors refused to see her for a month even though her partner attests that her condition was worsening since February.

“She had mentioned to me that she feels like she’s not gonna make it,” McIntyre told The City. “And I would try my best to cheer her up. She would tell her mom she’s really glad the baby is healthy, but she’s scared that she’s not gonna make it.”

After her family insisted that doctors see her, she was allowed to have a checkup in April, when doctors diagnosed her with HELLP syndrome. The condition is deadly if left untreated, so doctors at Montefiore Medical Center performed a C-section to end Isaac's pregnancy (note that this process is significantly faster than an abortion) and begin treatment. Sadly, the mother died after the C-section and was never able to see her child.

“As soon as they took the baby out, her heart stopped,” McIntyre said.

Isaac tweeted four days before her death that she would write a "tell-all" about her experience with Montefiore Medical Center after everything was over. 

The hospital's refusal to see her before the last minute is a deadly display of the effect healthcare rationing can have, especially on disadvantaged and minority populations with few options.

California Doctor Criticizes State Governments for Taking Some Rights Away While Allowing Abortions During COVID-19 Pandemic

California Governor Gavin Newsom
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr
“I'm here representing thousands of physicians around the country, whose voices must be heard,” said Dr. Jeffrey Barke at a California rally in opposition to government overreach during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I'm here representing thousands of physicians across the country whose voices are being silenced because we don’t agree with the mainstream media and the experts who are telling us what to do.”

Dr. Barke criticized the California state government picking and choosing which actions citizens can take during the pandemic. “Never in the history of this country have we been told that you can’t go to church because it’s ‘non-essential’ but you can go get an abortion because that’s ‘essential,’” he said. Dr. Barke also pointed out that liquor stores and pot dispensaries were allowed to remain open while citizens with other businesses were forced to remain closed.

The Illinois state government faces all the same criticisms. It allows abortionists to continue providing elective surgical abortion while other businesses are forced to stay closed or provide their services in a much more limited capacity.

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May 11, 2020

ACLJ Submits FOIA Request to Illinois Asking Why Elective Abortions were Exempted from Surgery Restrictions

Photo Credit: Illinois Public Radio / Flickr
The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the state of Illinois to find out why elective abortions were exempted from any restrictions on elective surgeries during the COVID-19 pandemic. The fulfillment of this request would expose any collaboration between pro-abortion organizations and decision-making officials.

An excerpt from the ACLJ's FOIA request states:
"The Request is made by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) on behalf of itself and more than 137,000 of its members (nearly 4,000 of whom reside in Illinois) who have signed a petition to ban elective abortions during the pandemic and who object to, and demand accountability for, the inclusion of reproductive healthcare providers in Executive Order 2020-10, which will allow abortion during a pandemic, while all other elective procedures are halted. 
To summarize, this Request seeks records regarding communications concerning Executive Order 2020-10 between Governor JB Pritzer and/or Lt. Governor Julianna Stratton (or their staff), and the Illinois state legislature, the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Illinois  Attorney General, Illinois NARAL, Personal PAC, and Planned Parenthood Illinois Action.  This Request also seeks any other records of which the Executive Offices or the Department of Public Health are custodians which concern the inclusion of reproductive healthcare providers in Executive Order 2020-10."
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May 8, 2020

Zoom Founder Signed Letter Calling Abortion Restrictions "Bad for Business"

In June of 2019, Zoom founder Eric Yuan signed a letter organized by Planned Parenthood Federation of America, NARAL Pro-Choice America, The American Civil Liberties Union and Center for Reproductive Rights which called pro-life laws enacted in several states "bad for business" among other things.

The pro-abortion sources of the letter received signatures from over 180 U.S. companies and had the letter printed as a full-page ad in the New York Times.

An excerpt from the letter states:

"Restricting access to comprehensive reproductive care, including abortion, threatens the health, independence and economic stability of our employees and customers. Simply put, it goes against our values and is bad for business. It impairs our ability to build diverse and inclusive workforce pipelines, recruit top talent across the states, and protect the well-being of all the people who keep our businesses thriving day in and out. The future of gender equality hangs in the balance, putting our families, communities, businesses and the economy at risk."

Zoom, which received a surge in popularity as a work-from-home tool during the COVID-19 pandemic, proved that it would rather have its employees kill their children so they don't miss work than support them as mothers. This letter further supports the idea that women who choose to be mothers can't be valuable employees, and perpetuates the practice of employers discriminating against women during the hiring process.

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Researchers Find 10 out of 16 COVID-19 Vaccine Development Front-runners Don't Use Aborted Baby Cells

Photo Credit: Nathan Forget / Flickr
The Charlotte Lozier Institute, a pro-life research organization, published an article covering how many developing COVID-19 vaccine programs are using cells from aborted babies to try to accomplish their goals. The institute found that only five out of the 16 programs currently “now in registered trials or in early stages of pre-clinical development,” use cells harvested from aborted children.

The institute identified 115 vaccine programs, but only those 16 had finished their investigation stages and chosen a strategy for development. Of those 16, five were found to use cells from aborted children, ten were found to use other cells, and the source of cells in one program could not be identified.

Scientists have proven that vaccine development can move forward without taking advantage of innocent children. Hopefully, the other programs still in their investigation stages can learn from this and choose to avoid ethically questionable sources of cells.

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May 7, 2020

Pennsylvania Governor Vetoes Telemedicine Expansion Bill for Using FDA Standards on Abortion Pills

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed a bill Wednesday that would have expanded the availability of telemedicine, which could have saved lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. His reason? The bill included a ban on drugs not approved under the FDA's Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) standards.

In response to criticism, Gov. Wolf said, “As amended, this bill interferes with women’s health care and the crucial decision-making between patients and their physicians.”

The REMS requires that abortionists be physically present to provide abortion pills to women because the pills are linked to dangerous complications such as hemorrhage and even death if they are given to women with undiagnosed conditions such as ectopic pregnancy. Gov. Wolf's veto not only doesn't reverse the FDA policy, but it prevents Pennsylvanians from the opportunity to receive other important medication through telemedicine.

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ACLU Teams up with Abortionists to Sue Arkansas over COVID-19 Mitigation Requirements for Elective Surgeries

Arkansas State Capitol
Photo Credit: Mike Rastiello / Flickr
The American Civil Liberties Union and abortion businesses in Arkansas are suing the state for its new COVID-19 mitigation policy requiring people who want elective surgeries to test negative for the coronavirus.

Their lawsuit states: “Delaying abortion care across the board for a COVID-19 test is especially unwarranted in view of Arkansas’s otherwise permissive approach to letting individuals mix and mingle in restaurants and gyms without negative COVID tests. For women who cannot obtain access to COVID-19 NAAT testing within 48-hours of their procedures, the Directive entirely bars them from exercising their constitutional right to receive pre-viability abortion care in Arkansas.”

The Arkansas policy is not a simple case of the governor singling out abortion businesses, however. The policy affects all providers of elective surgeries, including dental procedures. It was put in place because social distancing is not possible during surgical procedures such as abortion. Furthermore, businesses like restaurants and gyms do not use the supply of personal protective equipment needed by physicians treating patients with COVID-19, while elective surgery providers (including abortionists) do.

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May 6, 2020

Illinois Reproductive Health Act Fact 7: More Legal Inconsistency Regarding the Rights of Unborn Children

The Illinois Reproductive Health Act creates exceptions to the criminal code for when an unborn child is killed due to an abortion. Now, typical punishments for “Intentional Homicide of an Unborn Child”, "Voluntary Manslaughter", "Involuntary Manslaughter", "Reckless Homicide", "Battery", and "Aggravated Battery" cannot apply to cases when the child was killed due to an abortion (though they were unlikely to apply before).

This creates a strange inconsistency under the law. The Illinois Criminal Code calls an "unborn child" an "individual of the human species," while the Illinois Reproductive Health Act says "A fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent rights under the laws of this State." Either this was an unintentional disparity or state politicians outwardly acknowledge their bigoted belief that some humans deserve more rights than others. Learn more by clicking the link below:

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Daleiden Attorneys Plan to Appeal Guilty Ruling in Baby Body Parts Case

David Daleiden
Photo Credit: American Life League / Flickr
Lawyers representing undercover investigator David Daleiden and others who helped uncover the truth about Planned Parenthood harvesting and selling aborted baby body parts have appealed a court decision finding the investigators guilty of 10 counts, including racketeering.

Thomas More Society attorney Peter Breen, one of the lawyers who served on the investigators' defense team, said, "The legal theories that Planned Parenthood employed in the case against David Daleiden could be used by any entity or politician or person against an undercover journalist who was exposing wrongdoing, whether it be corrupt politicians, whether it is those who are abusing animals -- anything. They can use these same legal theories against undercover journalists."

The verdict Daleiden faces, if nothing is overturned, includes $2.3 million in compensation to Planned Parenthood for security upgrades and reputation management services. It paid for these services after the investigators released videos of abortionists discussing how they harvest organs from aborted children.

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May 5, 2020

56 Pro-Life Leaders, Including National Right to Life President, Push FDA to Enforce Ban on Abortion Drugs Sold Over Internet

Photo Credit: mattza / Flickr
In a letter sent to the Food and Drug Administration, 56 pro-life leaders urged officials to enforce already-existing policies banning the sale and distribution of abortion drugs online.

Websites that sell abortion pills and ship them directly to a patient without them needing to meet with a doctor to have an ultrasound violate the FDA's Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS). The federal government applies these protections to abortion pills because women with undiagnosed ectopic pregnancies or without good direction from a doctor are at risk for potentially deadly complications if they attempt DIY abortions using the abortion pill regimen.

“Internet sales of mifepristone have the potential to multiply the inherent dangers of the drug combination, further endangering women’s lives which are already at risk in the abortion procedure,” said National Right to Life President Carol Tobias.

Click here to read the National Right to Life Statement.

Click here to read more from Live Action News.

Indiana Asks Supreme Court to Hear Medicaid Abortion Funding Case

Indiana State Capitol
Photo Credit: Drew Tarvin / Flickr
Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill filed a request with the Supreme Court to review a case regarding states' right to determine whether abortion businesses can receive Medicaid funding.

“States have authority to determine who is a qualified Medicaid provider,” State Solicitor General Tom Fisher told CNA on May 1. Because Indiana officials did not want to subsidize abortions "even indirectly," they excluded abortion providers from their list of qualified Medicaid providers.

The Solicitor General told CNA that he was hopeful the Supreme Court would take this case.

“We pointed out to them this time that the lower courts are in conflict over whether Planned Parenthood or other Medicaid providers who get disqualified can sue a government,” Fisher said.

In 2018, the Supreme Court denied requests from Kansas and Louisiana to hear similar cases. Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch, and Clarence Thomas filed a dissent arguing that the court should have taken the case. The three justices noted that lower courts had ruled on both sides of the issue, and the Supreme Court needed to clarify the situation.

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May 4, 2020

Federal Judge Refuses to Grant Restraining Order Against Arkansas Surgical Abortion Restrictions During Pandemic

U.S. District Judge Kristine Baker refused to grant a temporary restraining order against Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s second executive order restricting elective surgeries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After Gov. Hutchinson's first executive order expired, she issued a new order aimed at starting to open up the state to business once again. There are three criteria elective surgeries must meet to be legal under the governor's new order:

1) The patient must test negative for COVID-19 48 hours before the procedure.

2) The surgery must be an out-patient procedure.

3) The surgical facility must have an "ample supply" of personal protective equipment.

The ACLU stepped in to challenge the requirements on behalf of Arkansas's only surgical abortion facility, claiming the requirements put too much of a burden on women seeking abortions. Without a temporary restraining order, a judge would have to hear the entire case and make a full decision if the ACLU were to press further to block the executive order.

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May 1, 2020

137 Members of Congress Urge Supreme Court to Keep Planned Parenthood from Using Federal Courts to Get Medicaid Funds

Photo Credit: Joe Gratz / Flickr
On April 29, 137 members of Congress filed a brief with the Supreme Court asking them to keep third parties, such as Planned Parenthood, out of the decision-making process regarding which medical providers will be reimbursed with Medicaid funds.

Abortionists in states with pro-life governments have sued states in federal courts when state officials deemed that abortion businesses were not qualified to receive Medicaid funds. Circuit court judges have ruled on both sides of the issue. It is now up to the Supreme Court to determine which side of the circuit court opinions will stand.

“Planned Parenthood pulls in over a billion dollars a year, largely through Medicaid reimbursements, and the abortion giant has no qualms pursuing every penny of profit,” said National Right to Life President Carol Tobias. “It’s no surprise they are willing to go to court to keep their profit margin.”

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Court Orders Pro-Life Undercover Investigators to Pay Over $1.5 Million in Baby Body Parts Case

Pro-Life Undercover Investigator David Daleiden
Credit: American Life League / Flickr
Following the six-week trial that took place in November of last year, a San Fransisco Judge has now ordered pro-life defendants sued by Planned Parenthood for recording conversations that were supposedly private to pay over $1.5 million. This number will be even larger once it includes Planned Parenthood's attorney fees.

The pro-life undercover investigators found to be "joint and severally liable" by the court include Operation Rescue President Troy Newman; David Daleiden, who became the face of the undercover investigation; Sandra Merritt; Albin Rhomberg; and Gerardo Adrian Lopez.

The undercover investigators working with the Center for Medical Progress released videos in 2015 showcasing their conversations with Planned Parenthood abortionists. The investigators posed as potential buyers for baby body parts, and abortionists working for Planned Parenthood detailed what their procedures were for procuring intact body parts from children. Some of these conversations revealed that abortionists would go out of their way to alter an abortion procedure to make sure body parts remained intact and usable by interested buyers.

The $1.5 million includes reimbursement for Planned Parenthood security upgrades the abortion company purchased after realizing they had been recorded.

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April 30, 2020

Illinois Reproductive Health Act Fact 6: The State of Illinois Can Hide Abortion Information and Statistics

Before the Reproductive Health Act was passed, the public could request abortion statistics from the Health Department, which collects reports from every legal abortion in the state. The Reproductive Health Act created an exception to the Freedom of Information Act, however. Now, the state will hide information in these reports and could even keep abortion statistics from citizens. Learn more by clicking the link below:

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Biden Calls Abortion "Essential Health Care" During Virtual Town Hall

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr
In a virtual town hall, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called abortion "essential health care" and criticized state politicians for temporarily banning abortion during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Finally, we need to ensure that women have access to all health services during this crisis,” Biden said, adding, “abortion is an essential health care service.”

“States should not be using public health crises to infringe on a woman’s constitutional right” to abort her child, the candidate later added.

The town hall was themed around the impact of COVID-19 on women and included a presidential endorsement from former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. During her time on screen, Clinton said, “every form of health care should continue to be available, including reproductive health care for every woman in this country.”

Biden's stance in favor of abortion is in stark contrast to President Donald Trump, who altered Title X funding requirements to prevent abortion businesses from taking that taxpayer funding. He also became the first sitting president to speak at the annual March for Life rally in Washington D.C earlier this year.

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Louisiana Clinic Hospitalizes Woman While Defying Temporary Abortion Ban

Even during a state order that is supposed to temporarily shut down abortion businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak, an abortion clinic in Louisiana not only continued to do business but hospitalized a patient.

The Women's Health Center in New Orleans, Louisiana was supposed to be closed due to an emergency order from the state. Several states have chosen to ban elective medical procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic to slow the spread of the coronavirus and lessen the strain on medical equipment like surgical masks. Louisiana was one of those states, but abortionists continued business as usual.

On April 21, the Women's Health Center hospitalized one of its patients. A pro-life activist outside the clinic provided a photo to Operation Rescue showing an African American woman in a gurney being loaded into an ambulance. The organization attempted to learn more by filing a public records request, but it was rejected by the New Orleans City Attorney’s office.

Abortion clinics don't only hurt their patients when they continue their deadly procedures during a pandemic, they put an unnecessary strain on emergency medical workers and put even more people at risk.

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