Pro-Life Lawsuit against the state of Illinois Dismissed

UPDATE: Pro-Life Lawsuit against the State of Illinois Dismissal Appealed

On November 30, 2017, the Thomas More Society filed a taxpayer lawsuit against State of Illinois officials in a counter attack against House Bill 40, which requires public funding of tens of thousands of elective abortions. The taxpayer lawsuit, filed in the Sangamon County Circuit Court, is brought on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Illinois taxpayers, represented by county and statewide pro-life organizations including the Illinois Federation for Right to Life and it's many affiliates was dismissed by Associate Circuit Judge Jennifer Ascher. A notice of appeal was entered on January 2nd, in the 4th Appelate Court.

January 19, 2018

Trump admin creates office to ‘protect’ doctors’ consciences who refuse to do abortion

Trump: I Promise
President Donald Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) established today a new division within HHS’s civil rights office to enforce conscience protection and religious freedom for healthcare workers.

The new division will enforce "laws and regulations that protect conscience and prohibit coercion on issues such as abortion and assisted suicide" and others in HHS-funded or conducted programs," according to the OCR website. It will also enforce statutes protecting “the free exercise of religion and prohibit discrimination” in HHS programs.

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National Right to Life releases fifth annual “State of Abortion in the United States” report

State of Abortion Report 2018
The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) released The State of Abortion in the United States, 2018.

In addition to summarizing key legislative developments in the states and at the federal level, the fifth annual report also analyzes data on the annual number of abortions in the United States. The report also discusses recent polling data and dissects the 2016-2017 annual report of the nation’s abortion giant, Planned Parenthood.

“Sixty million unborn children have died as a result of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions,” said Carol Tobias, National Right to Life president. “However, through the right-to-life movement’s determination to protect mothers and their children, we continue to see evidence that our efforts to educate America about the unborn child’s humanity, and our efforts to enact protective pro-life legislation, are having a tremendous impact in moving our nation away from Roe’s and Doe’s deadly legacy.”

Key highlights from the report include:

    -National Right to Life now estimates 60,069,971 abortions have been performed in the United States since 1973. This estimate is based on data from the Guttmacher Institute and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], and projects 2014 figures for subsequent years (2015-2017).

    -Planned Parenthood, which reported nearly $1.5 billion in revenues in 2016-2017 and posted nearly $100 million in profit, is estimated to have made nearly $160 million performing 321,384 abortions – over one-third of all abortions annually.

    -Recent public opinion polling confirms a majority of Americans continue to believe abortion should be restricted to just a few circumstances.

    -State legislatures continue to be successful in enacting pro-life legislation that extends protections to unborn children and helps their mothers. These laws include protections for pain-capable unborn children, laws banning dismemberment abortions, and efforts to steer state funding away from organizations that perform abortions, such as Planned Parenthood.

The report is available from the National Right to Life Communications Department. (PDF)

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January 18, 2018

A Woman's Right to Not Be Pressured to Abort

Abortion Pressure
A new study of women who have undergone abortions reveals what many in the pro-life movement have known for years: that “a woman’s right to choose” is more often than not no choice at all.

The study was recently published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons by Bowling Green State University professor Priscilla K. Coleman. Of the 987 post-abortive women who were surveyed, 58 percent said that they had their abortions in order to “make others happy,” with over 28 percent saying they had the abortion because “they feared their partner would leave them” if they did not. In addition, almost half of the women believed that their unborn baby was indeed a “human being at the time of the abortion.” In perhaps the most heartbreaking statistic, fully 66 percent of women “said they knew in their hearts that they were making a mistake when they underwent the abortion.”

This study explodes a number of myths perpetuated by abortion activists. Chief among them is that abortion must be available on demand in order to preserve women’s “reproductive freedom” and “choice.” But what is painfully clear from this most recent study is that just the opposite is true. Instead of empowering women to make their own reproductive choices, abortion on demand more often empowers men to use abortion as a kind of cudgel to hold over their wife or girlfriend’s heads and demand that they make an appointment down at the local Planned Parenthood to get rid of the unwanted baby for a quick and easy $300. In other words, abortion provides an easy way for men to avoid the responsibility that is inherent in the sexual relationship that they share with their wife or girlfriend.

Meanwhile, the woman is left to pick up the pieces. As the study reveals, a majority of these women are completely unprepared for the emotional devastation that abortion causes. Only 13 percent visited a mental health professional before their abortions, but after the procedure, the percentage skyrocketed to 67.5 percent. Similarly, only 6.6 percent of women reported using prescription drugs before their abortions; afterwards, 51 percent reported prescription drug use.

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President Trump to address March for Life via live stream

March for Life 2018 Poster
President Trump will speak at the 45th annual March for Life on Friday via a live video feed, becoming the first President to do so.

“We're excited to announce that the President will become the first sitting president to address the March for Life from the White House live via satellite,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said at a media briefing today. “This will take place from the Rose Garden. The President is committed to protecting the life of the unborn and he is excited to be part of this historic event.”

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NRLC Urges Members of Congress to support the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Preemie baby hand
The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC), the federation of state right-to-life organizations, urges congress to support the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (H.R. 4712), introduced by Congressman Marsha Blackburn, when it comes before the House of Representatives on January 19, 2018.

National Right to Life believes that it is time for Congress to act decisively to put the entire abortion industry on notice that when they treat a born-alive human person as medical waste, as a source for organ harvesting, or as a creature who may be subjected to lethal violence with impunity, they will do so at grave legal peril. H.R. 4712 would enact an explicit requirement that a baby born alive during an abortion must be afforded “the same degree” of care that would apply “to any other child born alive at the same gestational age,” including transportation to a hospital. This language does not dictate bona fide medical judgments nor require futile measures, but rather, requires that babies born alive during abortions are treated in the same manner as those who are spontaneously born prematurely.

In addition, the bill applies the existing penalties of 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1111 (the federal murder statute) to anyone who performs “an overt act that kills a child born alive.” This would apply, for example, to an abortion clinic staff person who dissects a breathing born-alive infant in order to harvest an intact liver, or to an abortionist who ends a born-alive baby’s whimpers with a sharp blow to the skull, or by snipping the spine.

In addition, the bill provides a civil cause of action to women who are harmed by violations of the act.

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January 17, 2018

Congress has means to pass ‘real protection’ of the unborn

Heartbeat Bill HR 490
Janet Porter, president and founder of Faith2Action, says President Donald Trump supports H.R.490, Vice President Mike Pence "loves it," Congress has 170 co-sponsors - and that it could actually pass by Friday.

"It's remarkable to think about the fact that we could be ending nearly every abortion through Congress by the end of the week,” Porter tells OneNewsNow. Friday, January 19, is the 45th annual March for Life in Washington, DC. “It's what we've been marching for for the last 45 years,” she adds, “and they know it's within their power [and] within their means to do it."

H.R.490 is sponsored by Republican Congressman Steve King of Iowa, who has said of the bill: “If a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected.” Porter says pro-lifers are not going to be fooled by what she considers “fake” pro-life legislation that does little or nothing to protect children.

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Largest-ever Chicago March for Life

Illinois Federation for Right to Life Banner at the 2018 Chicago March for Life
A record-breaking crowd braved the frosty weather to attend the thirteenth annual March For Life Chicago. Approximately 6,000 people attended the rally and march, the biggest annual pro-life gathering in the American Midwest. There were babies in strollers, children, students and adults of all ages well-bundled up against the cold.

After a rally in Chicago’s Federal Plaza, the throng walked around the city’s Loop district to the sound of high school drum bands. Their aim was to show their belief in the sanctity of life and to call for an end to abortion.

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Abortion statistics: United States data and trends

Lowest levels in decades.

There are two basic sources on abortion incidence in the United States:

• The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) publishes yearly, but relies on voluntary reports from state health departments (and New York City, W ashington, D.C.). It has been missing data from California, New Hampshire, and at least one other state since 1998.

• The Guttmacher Institute (GI) contacts abortion clinics directly for data but does not survey every year.

• Because it surveys clinics directly and includes data from all fifty states, most researchers believe Guttmacher’s numbers to be more reliable, though Guttmacher still believes there may be as much as a 5% undercount in its most recent figures.

Both the CDC and Guttmacher show significant recent drops and even larger drops over the last 25 years.

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4th Pregnant Undocumented Teen seeking an Abortion released from Federally Funded Shelter

A pregnant immigrant from El Salvador stands next to a U.S. Border Patrol truck after turning herself in to border agents.  Getty Images
The ACLU is reporting that “Jane Moe,” a pregnant 17-year-old undocumented teenager, was released from a federally funded shelter and transferred to the care of her sponsor on Sunday. This meant she was free to have an abortion, but as of this afternoon, the ACLU is not saying whether she has.

The Washington Post confirmed the account today, reporting, “In a court filing Sunday, deputy ORR [Office of Refugee Resettlement] director Jonathan White said the teen, Jane Moe, had been escorted to her approved sponsor and officially released from government custody.”

“Jane Moe” is the fourth undocumented pregnant teenager in federal custody whose request to abort was at odds with the policy of the Trump administration not to “facilitate” abortions of unaccompanied minors. However once she was transferred to a sponsor, that no longer applied.

However, like the three prior cases (all of whom aborted),this is part of a much larger confrontation.

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Illinois Pregnancy Centers File Brief as NIFLA Case Heads to Supreme Court

Silence Tape
Twenty-three Illinois pregnancy centers officially weighed in on National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra, an upcoming case before the U.S. Supreme Court, filing an amicus brief Jan. 11.

In the brief, submitted by Chicago-based Mauck & Baker, the centers note they’ve faced similar challenges in their own state with a 2016 amendment of Illinois’ Healthcare Right of Conscience Act that similarly tramples their freedom of speech.

With oral arguments slated for later this spring, the NIFLA case challenges California’s attack on pro-life pregnancy centers’ freedom of speech through the so-called Reproductive FACT Act—which requires pro-life pregnancy help medical clinics offering free ultrasounds to post signage referring clients for state-funded abortions. If pregnancy centers do not comply, they would be faced with a $500 fine for a first offense and $1,000 for any repeat offenses.

“The government has no business forcing pro-life doctors and pregnancy care centers to operate as referral agents for the abortion industry,” Noel W. Sterett, an attorney with Mauck & Baker, said in a news release. “A law that targets medical professionals because of their pro-life views and right of conscience is unconstitutional and unethical.”

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January 16, 2018

New pro-life bill challenges Gosnell apologists

US Capitol
Congress is gearing up to debate a pro-life bill that will add enforcement to a previous law. 

Brendan O'Morchoe of Students for Life says the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act is directly related to Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist currently serving two life terms after he was convicted of killing babies born alive.

O'Morchoe says the legislation, which will be voted on around the annual March for Life, will make it a crime if the abortionist fails to provide care for a baby that survives an abortion.

A similar bill was signed into law in 2002 but it was did not provide punishment. If passed, this current bill would call for a criminal fine and up to five years in prison, or both.

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60 Million People Gone!

Activists used to argue for safe, legal abortion. The abortion pill is changing that

Girl taking a "morning after" pill
Since the dawn of the abortion movement, activists insisted that abortion should be solely the concern of a woman and her doctor.  But as the method of abortion worldwide has shifted from surgery to medication, abortion advocates are increasingly regarding the doctor as unnecessary—and, in some cases, counterproductive.

“The classic framework of abortion rights advocacy, where safe equals legal and illegal means unsafe, is turned on its head by self-managed medical abortion,” according to representatives of a Dutch organization that provides abortion pills to women in countries where the practice is illegal. “Ironically, in legally restrictive settings medical abortion is currently more under women’s control than in settings where medical abortion is used within the official healthcare system,” they said.

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January 15, 2018

Less than two weeks into the new year, the number of babies killed by abortion tops 1 million

his display represents 100,000 babies killed by abortion, which is a fraction of the number of unborn children killed throughout the world in the first two weeks of 2018.
A digital counter is illustrating the horrifying scale of abortion around the world. Already, less than two weeks into 2018, over 1.2 million babies have been killed by abortion.

The Worldometers website has real-time counters showing dozens of different statistics, including births, deaths, and public expenditure. It also has one for abortion. On 11 January 2018, the number passed 1.2 million, meaning the one million mark would have been passed in the morning of Tuesday 9 January. The number increases every second or so, each one representing the death of an innocent unborn child.

The website uses data from the World Health Organisation, which estimates that there are 40-50 million abortions in the world every year, corresponding to approximately 125,000 abortions per day. These figures are disputed, as the WHO's recent worldwide report, produced in consultation with the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, has been accused of "wildly inflating" the number of illegal abortions taking place in developing countries.

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NRLC calls on Members of Congress to co-sponsor Dismemberment Abortion Ban Act

Stop Dismemberment Abortions
Dear Member of Congress:

The National Right to Life Committee, the federation of state right-to-life organizations, urges you to co-sponsor the Dismemberment Abortion Ban Act (H.R. 1192).

This vital pro-life legislation, introduced by Rep. Chris Smith, would prohibit the performance of dismemberment abortion. H.R. 1192 is based on a model state bill proposed by National Right to Life, which has been enacted in Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia. More states are expected to consider the legislation in 2018.

H.R. 1192 defines “dismemberment abortion” as “knowingly dismembering a living unborn child and extracting such unborn child one piece at a time from the uterus through the use of clamps, grasping forceps, tongs, scissors or similar instruments that, through the convergence of two rigid levers, slice, crush or grasp a portion of the unborn child’s body in order to cut or rip it off . . .”

This definition largely overlaps with what those in the abortion trade currently refer to as “dilation and evacuation” or “dilation and extraction” (D&E) abortions. The method is commonly used starting at about 14 weeks of pregnancy, and extending into the third trimester.

H.R. 1192 allows performance of a dismemberment abortion if necessary to save a mother’s life. The bill also says that it does not limit abortions performed in cases of rape or incest, if performed by a method other than dismemberment abortion.

In his dissent in the 2000 case of Stenberg v. Carhart, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote regarding D&E abortion: “The fetus, in many cases, dies just as a human adult or child would: It bleeds to death as it is torn limb from limb. The fetus can be alive at the beginning of the dismemberment process and can survive for a time while its limbs are being torn off.”

A medical illustration of a D&E dismemberment abortion is available here:

If you agree that an unborn child should not be subjected to the cruel violence of having her arms and legs torn off by brute force, with steel tools that grasp, tear, and crush, please co-sponsor the Dismemberment Abortion Ban Act. Thank you for your consideration of the importance placed by our organization on this landmark legislation

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Former Rauner staffer seeks public access to First Lady's emails about abortion bill

Illinois' First Lady Diana Rauner
Illinois' First Lady Diana Rauner is actively involved in her husband's policy and personnel decisions, according to inside sources. And because Mrs. Rauner's opinion is so powerful, her private communications to staff about a bill Governor Rauner signed into law requiring Illinois taxpayers to fund low income and state employee abortions could become public.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Governor Rauner's former deputy chief of staff of communications Diana Rickert is suing the governor for access to emails surrounding the decision-making on HB 40 earlier this year. Rickert is requesting particularly Mrs. Rauner's communications on the topic be made public.

    Rickert ... asked for emails to and from Diana Rauner from June 1, 2017 that include the following terms: “abortion, HB40, reproductive rights, Personal PAC, Planned Parenthood, Terry Cosgrove.” The request included a personal email address, a state email address and one from her role with the Ounce of Prevention.

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January 12, 2018

Amicus Brief filed on behalf of 23 Illinois Pregnancy Centers in NIFLA's Supreme Court case

Mauck & Baker just filed an Amicus Brief on behalf of 23 IL pregnancy centers in National Institute of Family and Life Advocates' (NIFLA) Supreme Court case.

As you know, the Supreme Court's decision in this case will have a significant impact on the ongoing litigation challenging Illinois' unconstitutional amendment to the Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act (SB1564). Mauck & Baker's brief voices our support of the pregnancy centers in California and highlights the need for the freedoms of pregnancy centers all across the nation to be protected.  Click here for more

Twenty-three Illinois pregnancy centers filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court of the United States in the case of NIFLA v. Becerra. Their brief defends their right to not promote abortion and a woman’s right to choose life for her unborn child. The NIFLA v. Becerra case out of California deals with whether the government can force pro-life pregnancy care centers to provide free advertising for the abortion industry. The Illinois centers contend that they, like the California centers, are also being targeted by state efforts to force them to provide pro-abortion information to those who come to them for support.

In July 2017 an Illinois Federal District Court granted several pro-life pregnancy centers a preliminary injunction stopping Illinois’ efforts to enforce a recent amendment to the Healthcare Right of Conscience Act which forces pro-life medical professionals to promote the benefits of abortion and inform women where they can obtain an abortion. California enacted a similar law called the Reproductive FACT Act which is at issue in NIFLA v. Becerra.

Attorney Noel W. Sterett of Mauck & Baker, LLC, who represents the twenty-three pregnancy centers before the Supreme Court, said “The government has no business forcing pro-life doctors and pregnancy care centers to operate as referral agents for the abortion industry. A law that targets medical professionals because of their pro-life views and right of conscience is unconstitutional and unethical.” Click here for more

Illinois could face a loss of Federal Funds if it continues to Violate the U.S. Constitution over Pro-Life Clinics

Mirroring pro-abortion action in other states, Illinois passed a law requiring pro-life pregnancy centers to discuss abortion with their clients, and even refer them to the clinics to abort their child.

Several lawsuits have been filed in Illinois to block implementation of the law and attorney Thomas Olp of the Thomas More Society says they have taken an additional step.

"As part of that strategy we're now filing an administrative complaint with the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights," he advises, "in order to ask them to investigate whether the Illinois law violates federal law."

Illinois is turning a blind eye to the U.S. Constitution, Olp alleges, paraphrasing late Justice Antonin Scalia who warned of an "edited version" of the constitution preferred by abortion supporters. 

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IL pregnancy centers side with U.S. Supreme Court plaintiffs objecting to forced abortion advertising

Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy centers in Illinois are not acquiescing to a new state law requiring them to share abortion information with interested expectant mothers.

Last summer, legal representatives won a preliminary injunction to stop enforcement of the new law. Thursday, twenty-three Illinois pregnancy centers filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court of the United States in the case of National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra.

The centers' brief defends their right to not promote abortion and a woman’s right to choose life for her unborn child. The NIFLA v. Becerra case out of California deals with whether the government can force pro-life pregnancy care centers to provide free advertising for the abortion industry. The Illinois centers contend that they, like the California centers, are also being targeted by state efforts to force them to provide pro-abortion information to those who come to them for support.

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January 11, 2018

House to vote on Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act the week of March for Life

On Tuesday House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca.) announced the first great national pro-life news of 2018. “Next week—the week of the annual March for Life when tens of thousands of Americans come to Washington to give voice to the voiceless unborn—the House will vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act,” he said in a statement.

Majority Leader McCarthy explained the commonsense humanity behind H.R. 4712.

“This bill states simply that if a baby is born after a failed abortion attempt, he or she should be given the same medical care as a baby born any other way. In line with our longstanding commitment to empower women, mothers will never be held criminally accountable. However, doctors who fail to provide medical care to newborns will be held criminally accountable. There is absolutely no ambiguity here. This is about protecting babies who are born and alive, and nobody should be against that.”

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Discriminated against because you're pro-life? File a complaint with the Feds

File a complaint with the feds, Family Research Council says, if as an Illinois resident you've been discriminated against because of your pro-life stance.

Illinois is one of three states that has passed a law forcing pro-life pregnancy care centers to refer for or even promote abortion. Illinois’ law is the strongest in the country as it forces pro-life doctors, nurses, pharmacists to promote and refer for abortion. The law is under legal challenge in court, and is amidst a wave of anti-conscience bills targeting pro-life Americans and pregnancy care centers are under consideration in numerous states.

"If you have been discriminated against because of your pro-life stance, please read the information below and file a complaint with the federal government," Family Research Council said in a email Tuesday.

"Conscience rights for pro-life health care workers, pregnancy care centers, and employers offering health insurance are under unprecedented attack from pro-abortion state and local governments. For eight years, former President Obama’s administration turned a blind eye to these injustices, despite numerous federal laws protecting pro-life conscience rights."

Family Research Council provides these instructions to submit a Federal Conscience Rights complaint to HHS’ OCR online:

1) Go to HHS’ OCR’s Online Form to Submit a Complaint:

2) Click “File a Civil Rights Complaint”

3) Under the “Complainant” tab, enter your contact info, and then click “Next.”

4) Under the “Complaint Details” tab, for the first question, click “Other (specify)” and type “Federal conscience protections”,  answer the other questions, and then click “Next.”.

8) Under the “Additional Information” tab, add any optional information if it applies to you, and then click “Next.”

9) Under the “Signature” tab, click “Agree” and then click “Next.”

10) Under the “Consent” tab, click “Consent,” and then click “Next.”

11) Under the “Review and Submit” tab, review your full complaint, and then click “Submit” at the bottom of the page.

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January 10, 2018

Pro-abortion ordinance loses to First Amendment

Bill of Rights
It's a court ruling that upset abortion supporters but an attorney says the First Amendment won the day.

Last week, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down a City of Baltimore ordinance that required pro-life pregnancy crisis centers to notify clients that they do not provide abortion services.

The ruling found that the ordinance violates the First Amendment's free speech clause, stating that the required disclaimer "portrays abortion as one among a menu of morally equivalent choices."

Although that might be the city's view on abortion, the court ruling further stated, "it is not the center's [view]."

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University researcher suspended for possibly selling aborted baby body parts

University of New Mexico
The University of New Mexico suspended and is investigating a researcher who “transferred” aborted baby parts from a late-term abortion facility to a private company.

According to a university memo obtained by the Albuquerque Journal, Dr. Robin Ohls “acquired fetal tissue for months from the Southwestern Women’s Options abortion clinic and transferred it to a private company in Michigan,”  that private company is Zietchick Research Institute LLC, the recipient of at least three federal research/technology grants for small businesses. It has one employee.

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Can gov't force 'free advertising' for abortuaries?

judge banging gavel
Attorneys with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed their opening brief Monday with the U.S. Supreme Court in a lawsuit challenging a California law that requires that pro-life pregnancy centers provide free advertising for the abortion industry.

ADF represents a pro-life pregnancy care center network – National Institute of Family and Life Advocates – and two independent centers in the case that the Supreme Court agreed to take up last November.

"We know for sure this will be argued this spring and we will have a decision by the end of June from the Supreme Court, which is very exciting and great news for all Americans," says ADF attorney Denise Harle. "The government shouldn't have the power to force anyone to speak a message that they disagree with and to punish them if they don't – and that's exactly what this California law does."

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Pro-life Illinois legislators introduce bill to ban Down syndrome abortions

Illinois state Rep. Allen Skillicorn
The worse fear of pro-abortionists is that a particular type of pro-life legislation will “catch on.”

Currently Indiana and North Dakota also ban abortions based on genetic anomalies.

On Monday, the Peoria Journal Star reported that Illinois state Reps. Allen Skillicorn of Crystal Lake (pictured) and Thomas Morrison of Palatine have submitted House Bill 4210.

According to Maximilian, Kwiatkowski, HB 4210 “would make it illegal for a doctor to perform an abortion with knowledge the mother is ‘seeking the abortion solely on account of the fetus having a test result indicating Down syndrome, a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, or any other reason to believe that the fetus has Down syndrome.’”

Skillicorn said the bill’s inspiration came from similar measures, including, most recently, passage in Ohio.

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January 9, 2018

March for Life events planned across the US

The National March for Life
Forty-five years after the Supreme Court ruling that mandated legal abortion nationwide, hundreds of thousands are expected to attend rallies supporting the dignity of life, from conception to natural death.

The National March for Life, held each year in Washington, D.C., typically draws large crowds from across the country. This year, the march will be held on Jan. 19 and will feature the theme, “Love saves lives.”

Speakers include Pam Tebow, mother of former NFL player Tim Tebow; Congressmen Dan Lipinski (D-IL) and Chris Smith (R-NJ); and Sr. Bethany Madonna from the Sisters of Life.

The D.C. march is one of the largest annual political rallies in the United States. Numerous other cities across the U.S. will also hold Masses, marches, and other events on or near the Jan. 22 anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

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IL wants taxpayers to foot bill for abortions

100 dollar bills
The Thomas More Society filed suit asking for an emergency injunction after a new Illinois law forces the state's taxpayers to fund a minimum of 20,000 more abortions per year.

The attorney general's office took the argument and said that the people of Illinois can't enforce the Constitution in the courts,” explains Peter Breen (Thomas More Society special counsel). “So in other words, we are powerless to hold the General Assembly of Illinois accountable. Then the court agreed in a sweeping first-time ruling on this point."

Thomas More Society is confident, since filing an appeal, that the higher court will reverse the ruling to make the state Constitution relevant in the case.

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New study reveals terrible suffering but also hope for women who have abortions

No one told me I'd have regrets
A study published in December in the peer-reviewed Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons reveals that women suffer from a wide variety of severely traumatic psychological effects from abortion, effects that often last for many years and have life-changing consequences.

When asked what negative effects, if any, they attribute to their abortions, 23.7% recognized that they had taken a life. Many mentioned that they suffered from depression (14.4%), guilt or remorse (14%), self-hatred or other negative feelings towards themselves (12.4%), shame (10.9%), and regret (9.3%).

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Abortion could be key issue in IL 3rd CD Democrat primary

Congressman Dan Lipinski
Abortion could be a key issue in Illinois' upcoming 3rd Congressional District Democrat primary.

Democrat Congressman Dan Lipinski (pictured), who succeeded his father Bill Lipinski in representing Illinois' 3rd Congressional District, is vulnerable, a poll released by his primary challenger Marie Newman indicates.

When voters are made aware of Lipinski's conservative leaning on social issues as compared to the relatively unknown Newman's, the race tightens to favor Newman by five points.

"The best negatives on Lipinski include his anti-choice, anti-LGBT rights and anti-immigration record," the poll analysis says. "These negatives did not include strongly worded rhetoric, but rather simple statements of fact regarding his record on these issues or quotes from him."

Lipinski, whose views in contrast with the vast majority of his party, has been publicly honored by Chicago area pro-lifers over the years.

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January 8, 2018

US businesswoman named new director of UN committee on children. Will she support Trump’s pro-life agenda?

Henrietta Holsman Fore
The Trump administration “welcomed” UNICEF’s new executive director, appointed on Monday, raising hopes, and questions, about whether the new chief will embrace the administration’s pro-life stance.

American businesswoman Henrietta Holsman Fore became UNICEF’s 7th executive director, replacing Tony Lake, the Obama-nominated chief and former national security advisor during the Clinton administration. The post has been occupied by an American since its inception in 1947 and is formally appointed by the UN Secretary General after consultation with UNICEF’s executive board which includes the United States. UNICEF has promoted controversial policies on life and family matters since adopting a rights-based approach based upon the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the CEDAW treaty on women’s rights. In recent years UNICEF has endorsed more contentious interpretations of the two treaties put forth by their monitoring committees.

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New Video game expedites having an abortion

abortion video game
The abortion industry and their legion of supporters/defenders are nothing if not clever. Here’s a new twist, at least new to me.

Wikipedia describes the Daily Dot as “a digital media company covering Internet culture and life on the web,” the self-described “hometown newspaper” of the Internet.

Well today one of their contributions was a profile of a new browser-based video game called “Trapped.” The headline of Samantha Grasso’s story is “‘Trapped’ is a realistic game about how hard it is get an abortion.”

By the headline and the first paragraph, the mission statement, so to speak, of “Trapped” is clear: abortions are difficult to get, more expensive to procure than thought, and made unnecessarily complicated by gynecologists who tell women abortion is wrong and dishonest crisis pregnancy centers/women helping centers.

The ‘face’ of the villains are TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) laws. The heroines are abortion funds women can tap into to pay for their abortions.

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Vision 2020 - Week 42 - Rep. Will Guzzardi (D) and Rep. Michael Halpin (D)

Pray for our legislators...

Will You Pray with Us?

Even as we enter the darkest, coldest days of winter, God's light and love shine brightly upon us!

As the rain and the snow
    come down from heaven,
and do not return to it
    without watering the earth
and making it bud and flourish,
    so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater,
so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
    It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
    and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.
Isaiah 55:10-11

Vision 2020 and the Illinois Federation for Right to Life would like to invite you to join us in praying for our state and our legislators.

We know that prayer changes things.  And we know that NOTHING is impossible with God. So let's join our hearts and voices together and petition heaven on behalf of the great state of Illinois
Some of our legislators need prayer that God will open their eyes and change their hearts (or move them out of their positions) and some need prayers that they will have the strength, courage and boldness to be able to stand firmly against the opposition as they fight for life and family values.

January 5, 2018

March for Life Chicago 2018 to be Largest Midwest Pro-Life Event

March for Life Chicago
Community Leaders Proclaim, "Women Deserve Better Than Abortion"

The 2018 March for Life Chicago will draw large crowds (currently estimated to be 6,000 +) of pro-life advocates from across Illinois and the Midwest. On Sunday, January 14, 2018, people from all walks of life will come together on Chicago's Federal Plaza to proclaim the sanctity of human life and call for an end to abortion as they march through the Loop beginning at 2 p.m. (Central). Archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Blase J. Cupich and the Chicago Bears' co-owner Pat McCaskey are among the featured speakers.

March for Life Chicago Board of Directors President Dawn Fitzpatrick explained that the peaceful march through the streets of Chicago is a reminder that people of Illinois and throughout the Midwest desire to change the societal perception of abortion. "Killing a child in the womb is never a viable answer. Abortion is not an acceptable solution to any problem. We believe that 'Love Saves Lives' and that is our theme for this year's March. We call upon religious, civic and community leaders to renew every effort to build a nation and culture dedicated to protecting life at every stage and eliminating the violence of abortion," stated Fitzpatrick. "Thousands of individuals and groups will come together on January 14 to proclaim that our women, men, children and families deserve better than abortion."

    WHAT: March for Life Chicago 2018, "Love Saves Lives"
    WHEN: Sunday, January 14, 2018, from 2 to 4 p.m. (Central)
    WHO: Thousands of individuals and groups from Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio and Missouri
    WHERE: Federal Plaza, 50 W Adams, Chicago - MAP: 

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Star Wars, Obi Wan Kenobi, and abortion

Sir Alec Guinness
Those of us old enough to remember seeing the original “Star Wars” (first shown at the theaters in 1977) are familiar with the many “iconic” characters. One of those, of course, was Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi (played by the late, great Sir Alec Guinness).

Fr. Dwight Longenecker wrote a book, “Abortion and Obi-Wan Kenobi.”  Here’s the beginning to Fr. Longenecker’s great read:

In 1914 Agnes Cuff, a flighty and unstable young woman with few prospects and little money found herself pregnant. The father didn’t want to be involved. She was alone, shamed, poor and pregnant.

Today she would be encouraged to get herself to an abortion clinic and end the unwanted pregnancy.

Instead a little boy was born.

“If abortion had been easy and legal in England in 1914,” Fr. Longenecker writes, “the world would never have experienced the witty, smart, subtle art and the quiet, steady witness of Alec Guinness….…and Star Wars would have had an enormous void.”

Among the 60 million+ lost lives just in the United States since 1973, who knows what greatness was lost? “What advances in science, medicine, technology, business, the arts and sport might there have been?” Fr. Longenecker writes.

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January 4, 2018

Federal judge sides with Indiana University to block key provisions of fetal trafficking law

U.S. District Court Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson
U.S. District Court Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson mainly sided with Indiana University last week in striking down key fetal trafficking provisions of Indiana’s Dignity for the Unborn Act. The ruling means Indiana is blocked from enforcing much of the law aimed at prohibiting the trafficking of parts from aborted babies in Indiana.

“We are gravely disappointed with this ruling,” stated Indiana Right to Life President and CEO Mike Fichter. “The purpose of the law is to prevent the trafficking of aborted baby parts in our state. Most of the safeguards in the law are now gutted due to Indiana University’s penchant for using the parts of aborted babies for experimental purposes.”

Indiana University [IU] sued to block the law due to its provision that prohibits the “acquisition, receipt, sale and transfer” of aborted fetal tissue. In its pleadings, IU acknowledged it obtains tissue from organs such as brains, livers and kidneys for experiments. However it argued the law’s definition of fetal tissue is too “vague” when defining it as, “tissue, organs, or any part of an aborted fetus.” IU also argued that the definition of what it means to “transfer” aborted tissue is too “vague.”

While undercutting much of the law’s effectiveness, Magnus-Stinson’s ruling does let stand provisions including the prohibition of selling aborted tissue or organs and the prohibition on altering the timing or type of abortion for the purpose of obtaining parts from aborted babies.

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Parents refuse to abort ‘miracle’ child, now he’s a healthy six-year-old

Kaito Kryvenchuk
A 17-week ultrasound of Kaito Kryvenchuk revealed he had a massive tumor larger than his head, attached to his neck and jaw up to his ear.  He literally looked like he had two heads. Not only was the benign tumor life-threatening because of its size, but accompanying disabilities were unpredictable. Medical experts insisted abortion was the only option for horribly deformed Kaito Kryvenchuk.

But as the Toronto Star gleefully reports, the couple decided to give their son a chance. On August 5, 2011, Mount Sinai successfully delivered Kaito. Today, Kaito is an active, fully healthy and very happy six-year-old kid.

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Medicine wins over pro-abortion arm-twisting

Abortion Pill Reversal
Over the last decade, some pro-life doctors have worked on a method of reversing the effects of the abortion pill RU-486 – but women who have a change of heart must act quickly.

The treatment – which continues through the woman's first trimester of pregnancy – is supported by the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians & Gynecologists. The AAPLOG acknowledges the reversal process is an off-label use of an FDA-approved drug – then adds: "It is hypocritical for abortion advocates to criticize off-label use of pharmaceuticals when in fact they are widely engaging in this practice themselves" in the most common abortion pill protocols.

The California Board of Registered Nursing – which Hobbs describes as "the gold standard across the country" – decided to include the process as part of its training of nurses, but then removed it because of pressure from the abortion cartel.

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January 3, 2018

Planned Parenthood aborted 321,384 babies last year and received $543 million from taxpayers

Defund the Horror
According to its new annual report, Planned Parenthood aborted 321,384 babies during its 2016-2017 fiscal year.  This is a slight decrease from its last annual report, which revealed the company committed 328,348 in 2015-2016. Planned Parenthood’s total revenue is $1.46 billion, with $543.7 million – 37 percent – of that coming from taxpayers.  By attracting 721,000 new donors giving an average of $120 each, the abortion company added $86.5 million to its coffers, according to the report.

In addition to the reduction in abortions, Planned Parenthood also reported a slight lessening in its government funding (from $554.6 million to $543.7 million),” said Sedlak. “Planned Parenthood also reported lower numbers of female birth control customers, emergency contraceptive kits, PAP tests, and pregnancy tests. In fact, it reported that its total number of unique customers was the same as last year—2.4 million individuals.

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Why abortion is different from other political issues

Weighing Apples to Oranges
When voters decide which candidates to elect to public office, they often consider a range of important political issues. But not all issues should carry the same weight. Abortion is different from other issues in three ways.

First, abortion is a rejection of human equality. An entire class of innocent human beings (those who are in the embryonic and fetal stages of life) are excluded from the basic protection of the law. In no other area (with the exception of euthanasia and the treatment of human embryos in vitro) does our society deny some human beings the status of “persons” who have legal rights.

Second, abortion is a denial of the right to life. It is the intentional killing of human embryos or fetuses. Human embryos and fetuses are living human organisms (members of the species Homo sapiens) at the earliest developmental stages. And all human beings—regardless of age, size, ability, dependency, or the desires and decisions of others—have an equal dignity and right to life. Abortion, then, is a serious injustice, yet it is legal and accepted by much of our society.

Third, abortion is the destruction of life on a truly massive scale. An entire industry is devoted to the killing of human beings in utero. Nearly one million unborn children are killed in the United States each year. Abortion is, by a large margin, the leading cause of human death in our country. Cancer and heart disease (for example) are tragic and should be fought with compassion. But the sheer scope of abortion separates it from other social harms.

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January 2, 2018

Women’s Subjective Post-Abortion Experiences Surveyed in Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons

Women’s response to the experience of abortion involves many complex factors, writes Priscilla Coleman, Ph.D., Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio, and coworkers in the winter issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. While a number of risk factors for post-abortion psychological distress have been identified, “group-level, quantitative studies often fail to capture the breadth of feelings and thoughts at the core of women’s individual experiences,” Dr. Coleman writes.

For this study, women presenting to a crisis pregnancy center for some type of post-abortion service were asked to complete an anonymous survey that included open-ended questions about the most significant positives (if any) and negatives (if any) that followed from their decision to abort. Nearly 1,000 women responded.

The authors found that only 13% of respondents reported visiting a mental health professional or counselor before the first pregnancy that ended in abortion, compared with 68% afterward. A large percentage of respondents reported potential risk factors for adverse reactions to abortion: “73.8% disagreed that their decision to abort was entirely free from even subtle pressure from others to abort.”

Asked about “significant positives,” 31.6% stated “none,” and 22% gave no response.

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Relentless push for mail order RU-486 altogether ignores women’s safety

Contraception Journal Abortion Pills
A forthcoming study in the journal Contraception, already promoted and publicized by pro-abortion media outlets, is a classic illustration of the extent to which the abortion industry is pushing chemical abortifacients without even a semblance of scientific rigor. While “Exploring the feasibility of obtaining mifepristone and misoprostol from the internet” has the trappings of a serious study, in fact, it lacks data, controls, or concern for the women who would be taking the two drugs at home without a prescription and without medical supervision of any kind.

The authors, a virtual rogues gallery of pro-abortion partisans, bury the absence of precautions in a landfill of exaggerated benefits.

The objective seems modest enough: “We aimed to document the experience of buying abortion pills from online vendors that do not require a prescription and to evaluate the active ingredient content of the pills received.” But in English that means researchers from Gynuity Health Projects were studying what the results might be if women could purchase mifepristone and misoprostol by mail order to use at home. So they sought RU-486 from 20 websites to see if they worked—that is, were they effective at killing the unborn child.

The authors say that while the certain of the pills may have been “substandard” and the ordering process “suboptimal,” this method is nonetheless “feasible” for women who want to chemically abort but for some reason either can’t or don’t want to go to the clinic. As we shall see, this is simply not proven. Note as well the way the ordering process is constructed, a third party—not the woman—could buy the abortifacients, even in bulk.

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China continues to line women up for abortions

Chinese Flag
OneNewsNow reports often on China's repressive population controls and now the Congressional Executive Commission on China has released its 2017 report, which documents that forced abortion is still continuing under China's newer two-child policy that went into effect two years ago.

Reggie Littlejohn of Women's Rights Without Frontiers, which documents China's abuses, recalls that China claimed they had scrapped the earlier one-child restriction. "And think that they were deliberately trying to send a message out to the world," says Littlejohn, "that they had gotten rid of all coercive population control, which is not true."

The report also states it's still illegal for unmarried women in China to have babies, reports that children are still being aborted, and warns that any violations mean forced abortions. Any illegal child means a fine for the family and that child will not receive an education or government jobs.

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Study Finds Online Abortion Packages Damaged, Pills Degraded

Abortion Package
A forthcoming study in the journal Contraception (prepublication copy here) by noted abortion advocates takes a look at abortion pills which may be ordered online without a prescription in America. The authors say that while the certain of the pills may have been “substandard” and the ordering process “suboptimal,” this method is nonetheless “feasible” for women who want to chemically abort but for some reason either can’t or don’t want to go to the clinic.

That these deadly pills are being bought and sold online in the U.S. is a big deal, but not necessarily a surprise. The sale of drugs from online pharmacies, legitimate and otherwise, is simply a consequence of living in the internet age, however big an enforcement headache it might present for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the government agency charged with monitoring drug safety and efficacy.

That entrepreneurs with access to knock off drugs from foreign pharmaceutical makers might try to make a quick buck off desperate women looking for a cheaper, more convenient way of obtaining these nearly “magical” abortion pills they’ve heard about is, sadly, not unexpected.

What may surprise people, though, is the way the abortion establishment not only defends but promotes these online sales, and how this fits in with their long term plans for the abortion pill expansion in the United States.

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Pro-Life Surprise: Eminem’s ‘River’ a Sorrowful Apology to an Aborted Child

Eminem single "River"
In an unexpected twist, noted rapper Eminem has released a single that details his experience with abortion. The media hailed his new album, Revival, as an anti-Trump anthem, but they missed an important detail.

While the artist is best known for his angry diatribes against society, one single, “River,” took a different approach. The song is a detailed confession of an affair, an abortion, and the regret that came after. Whether fictional or based on reality, “River” is a powerful cry for forgiveness for the wrong he’s done to the aborted baby (the “little one” mentioned in the refrain) and the mother.

The lyrics tell the whole story, sparing no detail: Eminem admitted to being a serial cheater, “a sex addict,” who began an affair with a woman, “Suzanne.” After what started as a one-night-stand, which left her feeling “deserted and used,” Eminem tried to cover all evidence of their liaison. However, the woman became pregnant.

In a panic, the rapper pushed for an abortion He didn’t dance around the issue, but was brutally honest: “I made you terminate my baby.” ‘Baby,” the proper term for an unborn child, but one major media outlets hide from.

Afterwards, Eminem felt that “the person who I’m turning into’s/Irreversible.” He confessed that not only did he take advantage of the woman, but also the abortion and the destruction of the woman’s relationship have made him a hypocrite. He said that when he got “on my soapbox and preach, my sermon and speech,” his mistake was like “detergent and bleach is burnin’ the wound.”

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December 22, 2017

Merry Christmas

The Illinois Federation for Right to Life would like to wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and New Year.  We thank you for your support and readership.  We look forward to the next year with anticipation to many more pro-life accomplishments.

Planned Parenthood losing some big donors

Last year at this time, 2ndVote scored Macy's low partly because of its practice of donating to Planned Parenthood and matching donations from its employees – but 2ndVote spokesperson Robert Kuykendall has an update.

"Macy's reached out to 2ndVote and told us that the company is no longer donating any kind of money to Planned Parenthood, the world's largest provider of abortion," he explains.

Since 2ndVote started scoring corporations, AT&T, Coca Cola, Ford, and Xerox also stopped funding the abortion conglomerate – and Kuykendall says that's largely due to exposing the companies' practices and urging consumers to apply pressure. But there's more work to be done, he says.

"If you're doing business with American Express, with Allstate, with Patagonia especially – Patagonia gives tens of thousands of dollars to Planned Parenthood every year – a portion of your dollars is going to the largest provider of abortion services," he informs. "So we want people to be informed; and secondly, we want people to engage those companies."

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December 21, 2017

Supreme Court battle still looms as Justice Department drops effort to block undocumented woman from aborting

supreme court flag half staff
Last night, after learning that an undocumented, unaccompanied girl was 19, not 17, lawyers for the Trump administration moved to dismiss an appeal to prevent “Jane Roe” from having an abortion.

According to POLITICO’s Josh Gerstein and Renuka Rayasam, a birth certificate for Jane Roe showed she had lied about her age. In the document filed with the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, lawyers for the government explained that HHS’s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) “obtained a copy of Ms. Roe’s certificate of birth from her home country. Accordingly, ORR is currently transferring custody of Ms. Roe to the Department of Homeland Security [“DHS”] as an adult.”

The significant of the age difference is, as Gerstein and Rayasam explained, “because Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which is responsible for adults in immigration detention, tends to have fewer restrictions on pregnant women seeking to obtain abortions while in custody.”

As a result Jane Roe was released on her own recognizance and was free to have the abortion if she still wanted to.

The second undocumented girl the ACLU sought to have her abortion had already been released, presumably because she was 22 weeks pregnant. “Jane Poe” aborted her baby on Tuesday.

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Tennessee woman gives birth to baby girl frozen as an embryo in 1992

Emma Wren
News broke today of a truly remarkable birth that took place last month in Tennessee. On November 25, “Tina and Benjamin Gibson became the proud parents of Emma Wren,” according to Crystal Bonvillian of the Cox Media Group. “Emma weighed a healthy 6 pounds, 8 ounces and measured 20 inches long.”

What made Emma Wren’s birth so special? Emma was frozen as an embryo on October 14, 1992, when mother Tina was just 18 months old!

Mrs. Gibson thus “delivered the longest-frozen embryo to successfully come to birth,” according to a press release from the National Embryo Donation Center [NEDC].

“Emma is such a sweet miracle,” proud papa Benjamin said. “I think she looks pretty perfect to have been frozen all those years ago.”

“The NEDC has been privileged to work with the Gibsons to help them realize their dreams of becoming parents,” said Dr. Jeffrey Keenan [the NEDC Medical Director]. “We hope this story is a clarion call to all couples who have embryos in long-term storage to consider this life-affirming option for their embryos.

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