November 12, 2020

Premature Baby Weighing 11 Ounces at Birth Comes Home from Hospital

screenshot from Covenant Healthcare video
Harper Rose Schultz, who was born on June 29th at the gestational age of only 22.5 weeks, was finally able to go home with her family on Nov. 4. When she was born, Harper weighed just over 11 ounces, becoming the smallest micro-preemie ever to be resuscitated at the Covenant Healthcare in Saginaw, Michigan.

“She’s such a blessing and we are just so thankful,” her mother Emille Wendzik told reporters as she left the hospital with her family.

In a video released on the hospital's YouTube channel, Neonatologist Dr. Martin Nwankwo said, " see her grow from where we started to going home now in reasonably good shape, it’s mind-boggling for us. We’ve never done this before. And, to be honest with you, half the hospitals in the United States would not have attempted this."

Covenant Healthcare Communications Manager Kristin Knoll said that babies born as small as Harper only have a survival rate of 20%. That number is larger than zero, and Harper was lucky to be born at a hospital that valued her life enough to try and save it. While preemies may not be guaranteed to survive at that age, they should always be granted the chance; especially when qualified medical professionals are available to give them that chance.

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