September 10, 2020

Assisted Suicide "Doctor" Says he Experiments on Patients to Find More Efficient Ways to Kill Them.

In response to a Mercury News article that celebrated the experimentation of an assisted suicide "doctor" trying to make the process of dying quicker, National Review Columnist Wesley Smith wrote an article criticizing the media for lifting up doctors like Lonnie Shavelson.

The Mercury News article was titled “How California Doctors are Fixing How We Die” and included quotes from Shavelson, who said that he is actively changing the drug cocktails he gives to patients who wish to die. His goal is to make the process faster so they don't suffer for hours after taking the poison he prescribes them, but his action amount to human experimentation.

Smith hits the nail on the head with his analysis of the situation, writing, "Let’s label this what it is: Shavelson using sick suicidal people as human guinea pigs in being made dead".

Not only will death doctors take advantage of sick and depressed individuals for a profit (Shavelson himself charges $2,000 for his services), but they will use these people as test subjects for their newest ways to kill people.

Every human being has value, and no doctor should reinforce the idea that disability or depression makes someone disposable.

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