July 7, 2020

Anonymous Rape Victim of Jeffrey Epstein Says Epstein Forced Her to Abort

In an interview with Fox News reporter Bryan Llenas, an anonymous woman said that she was forced to abort her child after being repeatedly drugged, assaulted, and raped by deceased sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

The anonymous woman said that she was raped over 20 times between the ages of 14 and 16, and it only stopped after she aborted a child that she conceived with Epstein.

“The fact that I had to kill my child really affected me and my family,” she told Llenas.

She went on to say that Maxwell, Epstein and a group of others drugged and gang-raped her as punishment one last time when they suspected that she talked with her grandparents about aborting her child. “I was dumped off in my grandparents' yard naked, and was told that I wouldn’t come back alive the next time,” she said.

“I would definitely take the stand and testify because I believe she deserves to be where she is today and she deserves to stay there for the rest of her life,” she said, referring to Ghislaine Maxwell who was recently charged and imprisoned for contributing to the Epstein's abuse against young women. “I hope by me coming forward, it encourages other victims.”

The abortion industry is often used as a tool by pedophiles and rapists to attempt to cover-up their crimes or escape from the consequences of conceiving a child. As more of these cases come to light, the world will have the opportunity to see and discuss this truth instead of sweeping it aside. Abortion businesses enable rapists and devalue their victims as the necessary collateral damage of "choice."