November 20, 2020

Satanic Temple Motion to Recuse Justice Barrett from Missouri Abortion Case Fails

photo credit: Richard Gillin / Flickr
In October, the Satanic Temple (TST) filed a motion before the Supreme Court to have Justice Amy Coney Barrett recused from its case challenging Missouri's 72-hour waiting period. TST claims that Barrett could not be impartial due to her religious beliefs, but the Supreme Court dismissed the motion.

TST's lawsuit attempting to overturn waiting period and informed consent laws in Missouri was dismissed in 2018 by the Eight Circuit Court, and the Supreme Court will soon decide whether it will hear the case as well.

TST now calls abortion a "religious rite" in an attempt to get around legal abortion restrictions. By making this argument, the group can claim that abortion restrictions violate religious freedoms. That argument made little headway in the Eight Circuit and is unlikely to succeed in the Supreme Court if the case is heard.

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