November 20, 2020

Pro-Lifers Arrested Outside San Francisco Hospital for Protesting Abortion and Fetal Organ Harvesting

Pro-life protestors being arrested
outside Zuckerberg San Francisco
General Hospital
photo credit: Lauren Handy / Facebook
On Tuesday, a group of pro-life protestors was arrested outside Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. They were advocating against abortion and fetal organ harvesting, which the hospital does in order to provide fetal tissue for the University of California San Francisco.

Lauren Handy of Red Rose Rescue was one of the pro-lifers present when the group was arrested. She wrote on Facebook later that day,

“This morning a group of us were arrested outside Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital because we refused to comply to an unlawful order of dispersement… for interrupting a business. That business? UCSF’s aborted fetal organ harvesting program on healthy babies up to 24 weeks.

We were on public property and within the rights of free speech activities (our lawyers even sent them a letter) but UCSF is so hell bent on protecting their aborted fetal organ harvesting program.

This is just the beginning! A lawsuit is in the works because we won't stand down!”

Terrisa Bukovinac is the executive director of Pro-Life San Francisco, and she was also arrested that morning. In her own Facebook post, she said, “I will not be silenced or bullied unlawfully by police and I will use my voice every chance I get to defend the unborn victims of fetal organ harvesting who cannot defend themselves.”

Bukovinac also linked to a video of the pro-life protestors being arrested. Interestingly, Facebook is preventing websites from directly embedding the video onto their websites, but the video is still viewable on Facebook's website. This soft-censorship is somewhat frustrating for websites such as IFRL's blog, but you can still watch the video by clicking here.

Pro-Life San Francisco announced it will be pursuing legal action regarding the arrest and are confident it will win in court.

“We will not allow our 1st Amendment rights to be suppressed on the very site where viable, healthy babies are either dismembered alive or born alive and dissected for experimentation,” said Pro-Life San Francisco. “We will not give up our quest in demanding Ethical Research NOW!”

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