June 19, 2020

Kentucky Attorney General Asks Full 6th Circuit to Hear Dismemberment Abortion Ban Case

Kentucky Attorney General
Daniel Cameron
Earlier this week, Pro-life Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron asked the full 6th Circuit Court of Appeals to hear the case involving a Kentucky law banning dismemberment abortion.

A three-judge panel on the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld a district judge's permanent injunction against Kentucky's dismemberment abortion ban, which would have banned a common method of abortion which involves tearing individual limbs off an unborn child to remove them from a mother's body, usually before the child is killed. This means that the children suffer great pain and die in their mother's wombs by bleeding out. Abortionists choose this method of abortion when an unborn child has grown too large for a mother to safely abort the child via the abortion pill regimen or vacuum aspiration.

The three-judge panel from the 6th Circuit found that Kentucky's ban on this method of abortion was “unduly burdening the right to elect abortion,” but Attorney General Cameron tendered a petition for the full Appeals Court to rehear the case.

“We’re exhausting every possible option to ensure that this law continues to be defended and is ultimately enforced,” said Attorney General Cameron in a statement. “The law extends compassion and dignity to the unborn by ensuring they are not subjected to the horror and pain of the dismemberment process while still alive. We would never allow the dismemberment of any other living being, and we are going to continue fighting, all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary, so that it can’t happen to unborn children.”