June 18, 2020

Pro-Abortion Org Founder Tells Reporters 9/11 Terrorist Attack "Saved" Abortion Drug Mifepristone

Photo Credit: Cyril Attias / Flickr
Beverly Winikoff was the Director for Reproductive Health for the pro-abortion Population Council during the time when the abortion drug Mifepristone had recently been approved by the FDA. In a recent interview with Columbia University journalists, she said that the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 "saved" the abortion pill by covering up a news story that could have created a lot of controversy for the abortion drug.

"I remember the first day we heard about a death [from the abortion pill]," Beverly told the reporters. "It was September 10, 2001… And that’s [the 9/11 terrorist attack] what saved mifepristone."

"And that was like, existential, like, ‘Oh my God. What is going on?’ And ‘is this going to be a problem?’ … Planned Parenthood was very worried and was thinking of taking [the abortion pill] out of its clinics. And this was after it was registered."

A Canadian woman died after taking the abortion pill during Canada's clinical trials on Sept. 10. She developed a bacterial infection called Clostridium sordellii after completing her abortion.

It's also interesting to see that Planned Parenthood considered ending its use of the pill after this story broke. Planned Parenthood has only moved toward more radical positions on abortion over time, however. When once it may have accepted legislation preventing discriminatory abortions or adding protective measures for women seeking abortions. Planned Parenthood recently demanded that abortion clinics remain open to provide elective abortions when other elective surgeries were prohibited due to the pandemic. It has been exposed for harvesting the body parts of aborted children so they can be sold to researchers.