May 6, 2020

Illinois Reproductive Health Act Fact 7: More Legal Inconsistency Regarding the Rights of Unborn Children

The Illinois Reproductive Health Act creates exceptions to the criminal code for when an unborn child is killed due to an abortion. Now, typical punishments for “Intentional Homicide of an Unborn Child”, "Voluntary Manslaughter", "Involuntary Manslaughter", "Reckless Homicide", "Battery", and "Aggravated Battery" cannot apply to cases when the child was killed due to an abortion (though they were unlikely to apply before).

This creates a strange inconsistency under the law. The Illinois Criminal Code calls an "unborn child" an "individual of the human species," while the Illinois Reproductive Health Act says "A fertilized egg, embryo, or fetus does not have independent rights under the laws of this State." Either this was an unintentional disparity or state politicians outwardly acknowledge their bigoted belief that some humans deserve more rights than others. Learn more by clicking the link below:

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