May 7, 2020

ACLU Teams up with Abortionists to Sue Arkansas over COVID-19 Mitigation Requirements for Elective Surgeries

Arkansas State Capitol
Photo Credit: Mike Rastiello / Flickr
The American Civil Liberties Union and abortion businesses in Arkansas are suing the state for its new COVID-19 mitigation policy requiring people who want elective surgeries to test negative for the coronavirus.

Their lawsuit states: “Delaying abortion care across the board for a COVID-19 test is especially unwarranted in view of Arkansas’s otherwise permissive approach to letting individuals mix and mingle in restaurants and gyms without negative COVID tests. For women who cannot obtain access to COVID-19 NAAT testing within 48-hours of their procedures, the Directive entirely bars them from exercising their constitutional right to receive pre-viability abortion care in Arkansas.”

The Arkansas policy is not a simple case of the governor singling out abortion businesses, however. The policy affects all providers of elective surgeries, including dental procedures. It was put in place because social distancing is not possible during surgical procedures such as abortion. Furthermore, businesses like restaurants and gyms do not use the supply of personal protective equipment needed by physicians treating patients with COVID-19, while elective surgery providers (including abortionists) do.

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