January 14, 2020

Woman Talks about her Repeated Forced Abortions

Christine Loughead at about age 16
Christine Loughead spoke with Live Action News about her life experiences receiving forced abortions. If you want to read her full story, click here.

Christine Loughead had a difficult upbringing which included the separation of her parents, being raped by a 24-year old man when she was 12, and being sent into the government's care shortly after that. While in the government's care, she faced more abuse and often lived with women who made prostitution and drug use major parts of their lifestyle. Loughead was able to live independently under a program run by a group of nuns when she reached the age of 15, but she also became pregnant during this time. She told her social worker, who told her to meet at the Health Sciences Centre in the Women’s Hospital in Winnipeg.

When they met at the hospital, the social worker told Loughead that she had to get an abortion since the stipend given to her by the nuns would not cover the costs of providing for a child. She eventually had the abortion against her will, and the exact same situation happened a second time within a year.

“...they said, ‘No, no, no.’ So I thought, I’m obviously not meant to have kids. They are clearly telling me I’m too broken to be a mother,” Loughead said.

She had a total of five abortions over the course of her life because she believed these lies. Later in life, she believes that coerced abortions happen far more often than people think. Furthermore, she believes that her life would have changed positively had she been allowed to give birth to her first child.

Now Loughead is married and seeking legal assistance for a legal case against the hospital and the state government.

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