January 14, 2020

Former Planned Parenthood Worker Speaks about Company Policy Harming Patients' Future Children

Credit: Blake Patterson / Flickr
In a webinar created by And Then There Were None, former members of the abortion industry shared their experiences watching Planned Parenthood endanger women in its rush to complete abortions quickly and secretly.

One of these workers shared that the clinic she worked at did not give some women a necessary shot after they had an abortion. In cases where a woman has Rh-negative blood and their preborn child has Rh-positive blood, abortions or miscarriages will cause antibodies to form within the mother. If another child with Rh-positive blood forms in the woman's womb in the future, these antibodies can attack the child and cause complications or a miscarriage. To prevent this, abortionists are supposed to give these women RhoGAM shots. Jayne said the Planned Parenthood at which she worked was in too much of a hurry to protect women from this danger.
"[A]t Planned Parenthood, because of the high volume and high-speed, patients were not – you only have 45 minutes to see a patient, and that’s when they come in, as soon as they come off the table it’s one blood pressure. You only take three blood pressures and they’re out the door, even if they’re groggy. [It] doesn’t matter because they have to keep moving. So, if you’re in charge and you have your 10 patients, there’s no way that you’re going to – things are going to get missed. And in this case, many cases, many times these patients were leaving, and not being given that shot – the RhoGAM."
Jayne further said that she was not allowed to contact patients who were told to leave without receiving the shot. Planned Parenthood policy tells employees not to contact former patients so they can keep their abortion secret if necessary. In this case, it valued that secrecy over the fertility problems their abortion procedures might cause.

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