January 9, 2020

Operation Rescue Survey: Surgical Abortion Clinics More Likely to Abort Late-Term, Prices are Increasing, Waits are Shorter

Operation Rescue released the second half of its report on abortion trends in the United States on Wednesday. 

The organization found that while the number of clinics that perform surgical abortions may be decreasing overall, the gestational age at which they are willing to abort is increasing. "In 2018, 46% of all surgical abortion facilities set an abortion limit of 13 weeks or under. However, in 2019, only 31% of all surgical abortion facilities restricted themselves to the first trimester of pregnancy," Operation rescue wrote in the report.

The survey also found that the average cost of first-trimester abortions hit a record high of $603 in 2019, while the average wait time for an abortion appointment remained under a week, which is two-weeks under the average wait to have an appointment with a family physician. 

“Much of the data gathered during our survey this year either debunks pro-abortion rhetoric or red-flags dangerous trends,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We see women being exploited by rising prices and a rush to get abortions done. We also see abortion becoming riskier with the new push into dangerous late-term abortions. This information exposes areas where more can be done to save lives.”