January 10, 2020

91-Year-Old Mother's Life Support Threatened in Legal Battle Against her Wishes.

Arline Lester
Arline Lester, a 91-year-old mother in New York, is caught in the middle of a legal battle over her right to life support.

Arline stated in an old will that she did not want her life to be prolonged in case of severe infirmity, and now her two sons have taken sides over whether that still applies. She was recently deemed mentally capable of making her own decisions and updated her living will. The updated will says that she wants the opportunity to remain on life support and recover. One son has moved to have Arline's life support removed per her old will, while the other has gone to lengths to help protect her.

Ed Lester says that he will take care of his mother after she leaves the hospital, and recorded a video to publicize her desire to live. He asks her if she wants to stay alive, to which she responds by nodding her head and mouthing the words "I want to stay alive."

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