January 29, 2020

Fox Sports Refuses Abortion Survivors Ad for Super Bowl Sunday

Fox Sports has refused to give Faces of Choice an answer regarding whether it will accept a 30-second ad featuring abortion survivors for Super Bowl Sunday. Ultimately, Fox rejected the ad by simply waiting for slots to fill and telling the organization nothing was left for them.

“We were one of the very first people to submit anything to them. We met every single stipulation that they asked for and every time we met the line they moved the line further to request something else,” Lyric Gillett, founder of Faces of Choice, told LifeSite News.

The ad was produced specifically so that it would be appropriate for a Super Bowl audience and doesn't use the word "abortion" once. Despite this, Faces of Choice was forced to jump through hoops to appease Fox's legal team, but it all came to nothing. Slots sold out and Fox never gave a yes or no answer to their submission. More slots became available last week, but Fox did not respond immediately to Faces of Choice's new application.

An extended version of the ad was shown at March for Life in Washington DC last week.

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