November 22, 2019

Wall Street Journal Report Exposes Google's Pro-Abortion Bias in Search Results

A report by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) shows that when Google serves search results related to abortion, it isn't doing so in good faith.

Google's autocomplete results that appear in a drop-down menu when typing the words "abortion is" are wildly different than the results from other search engines, which contain words that negatively describe abortion. Instead, it includes only phrases that positively describe abortion, such as "abortion is healthcare" and "abortion is legal."

Additionally, searching the word abortion will cause Google to find nearby clinics on Google maps before showing any results at all. If a user scrolls down to the results, they will find that many of them come from Planned Parenthood, and none of the links are sponsored ads. According to the WSJ report, 39 percent of Google results for "abortion" comes from Planned Parenthood, while only about 15 percent of search results using other websites come from Planned Parenthood.

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