November 22, 2019

Pennsylvania Governor Vetoes Down Syndrome Protection Act

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf took to Twitter on the evening of November 21 to film himself vetoing the Down Syndrome Protection Act, as he had promised he would.

The legislation would have made it illegal to abort a child because they were diagnosed with Down syndrome. In his response, Gov. Wolf said that the bill would "interfere with the rights of women to make their own health care decisions."

This is of course untrue. This bill would not prevent women from receiving any form of healthcare. Pro-abortion advocates use the argument of healthcare because they have few arguments to stand on except to say that pregnant women are sick when they don't want to have a baby and healthy when they do. This makes no sense from a logical perspective, but the conveniences and monetary value provided by abortion are so great that abortion advocates are willing to forego logic.
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