October 29, 2019

Judge Allows Student Attacked in Washington Post Article to Sue

US District Judge William Bertelsman partially reversed his ruling which prevented a defamation suit against the Washington Post from progressing further. This decision moves a young student one step closer to having his day in court against the news giant and bodes well for lawsuits against other outlets.

Nick Sandmann, who was portrayed in numerous media outlets after a charged confrontation between a Native American man and students from Covington Catholic High School. The students were at the Lincoln Memorial waiting for a bus after participating in the January March for Life in Washington, D.C. when the man walked up to the group while beating a drum. The students were trying to drown out racist taunts from the nearby Black Hebrew Israelites when the event occurred. Nick was captured on video looking the man in the eye while he beat his drum, and the media jumped to conclusions about the short clip without waiting for context.

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