October 29, 2019

Missouri's Last Abortion Clinic Facing Closure due to Health Violations

Credit: American Life League
The Missouri Department of Health denied the renewal of the St. Louis Planned Parenthood clinic's license, the only remaining abortion facility in the state after it did not comply with health protocols.

The Department of Health cited “unprecedented lack of cooperation” and “failure to meet basic standards of patient care, and refusal to comply with state law and regulations protecting women’s health and safety that resulted in numerous serious and extensive unresolved deficiencies including multiple that involved life-threatening conditions for patients.”

The Planned Parenthood clinic would not perform required pelvic examinations as a “preoperative health requirement,” according to the state. In addition, doctors refused to provide interviews and the clinic was not prepared for a case of "extreme hemorrhaging."

A judge and the Administration Hearing Commission both granted a temporary stay of the health department’s decision while the case is reviewed. The clinic will be allowed to stay open during that time.

The Fairview Heights Planned Parenthood facility was created in preparation for a situation such as this since Illinois' liberal abortion legislation facilitates women crossing the border to obtain abortions there.