October 17, 2019

California Governor Vetoes Student ID Bill Because Schools Might Refer Students to Pro-Life Pregnancy Clinics

California Governor Gavin Newsom
Credit: XPRIZE Foundation / Flickr
A California bill requiring schools to include contact information for local "reproductive health care" facilities was vetoed on October 12 for a surprising reason. Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed AB 624 because it was not pro-choice enough.

“There are many agencies across this state that refuse to give women information about all of their reproductive health care options, and I am not persuaded that schools have the appropriate expertise to decide which of these organizations they should direct their students to,” he wrote.

He is stating that it would be so wrong for a school to refer students to a pro-life clinic that he would rather not have them refer anyone at all. While pro-life advocates welcome the veto, the governor's reasoning is worrisome. Click here to read more.