January 11, 2016

'Abortion President' Obama Protects Planned Parenthood, 'Child Abuse, Inc.'

President Obama vetoed H.R. 3762, American's Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act, a bill that passed both the House and Senate which would bar Planned Parenthood from receiving taxpayer dollars.

"Subsidized by over $500 million taxpayer dollars each year, Planned Parenthood dismembers or chemically poisons a baby to death every two minute–killing over seven million innocent children since 1973," said Congressman Chris Smith, Co-Chair of the Bipartisan Pro-Life Caucus. "Planned Parenthood is Child Abuse, Incorporated.

"The House and the Senate have spoken, reflecting the will of the American people, and sent a bill to President Obama's desk that would bar Planned Parenthood from the vast majority of taxpayer dollars it currently receives.

"And now the President has spoken, rejecting our bill and condoning Planned Parenthood's cruel and inhumane actions.

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