October 17, 2019

Pro-Lifers File Suit Against Jackson, Mississippi for Ordinance Restricting Protest

Sidewalk Counselors Outside Abortion Clinic
Credit: Jim Arnone / Flickr
Sidewalk Advocates for Life has decided to take legal action in response to a Jackson, Mississippi ordinance scheduled to go into effect October 31. The ordinance prohibits demonstrations within 15 feet of a healthcare facility and establishes "quiet zones" within 100 feet of these locations. Violators could face up to $1,000 in fines or 90 days in prison.

In their lawsuit, Sidewalk Advocates noted that pro-lifers often have to shout to be heard over blaring music the Jackson clinic plays to cover up protests. Brett Kittredge, director of marketing and communications with Mississippi Center for Public Policy, said this in an interview with the Catholic News Agency:
“And so we feel...that this is a free speech issue above all else. It's not about whether you support one issue or the other, whether you take one side or another on abortion, it's a matter of should people have the right to assemble, have the right to speak freely and convince others of their speech, and we believe that's central to a free society.”
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