October 17, 2019

Entire Democrat Roster of Candidates Continue to Herald Abortion

Senator Corey Booker
Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr
In CNN's Democrat Presidential debate on Tuesday, the full lineup of 12 candidates voiced their support for abortion as a right. From supreme court appointments to federal subsidies, every way that women could be given more access to abortion was seemingly on the table.  Particularly troubling was the concept of codifying Roe vs. Wade, ending the shaky legal ground that abortion has stood on since the Supreme Court essentially legalized it without going through the proper legislative process.

New Jersey Senator Corey Booker said this on the subject,
"And so the way as president of the United States I’m going to deal with this is, first of all, elevating it like we have with other national crises to a White House-level position. And I will create the Office of Reproductive Freedom and Reproductive Rights in the White House and make sure that we begin to fight back on a systematic attempt that’s gone on for decades to undermine Roe v. Wade."
"I will fight to codify it, and I will also make sure that we fight as this country to repeal the Hyde amendment, so that we are leading the Planet Earth in defending the global assault we see on women right now."
Kamala Harris said that she would break the rules of the executive branch by calling on the Justice Department to do the work of federal courts:
"My plan is as — as follows. For any state that passes a law that violates the Constitution, and in particular Roe v. Wade, our Department of Justice will review that law to determine if it is compliant with Roe v. Wade and the Constitution, and if it is not, that law will not go into effect. That’s called pre-clearance."
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