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August 22, 2019

Child Born with 2% Brain Capacity Develops at Near Normal Rate after Parents Reject Pressure to Abort

Doctors had told parents of now 4-year old Noah Wall that if he were to be born, he would end up developing to have half of a normal brain, and that wasn't even Noah's only health problem: “These included spina bifida – a condition which prevents the spine from developing properly – rare chromosome abnormalities and hydrocephalus.” Despite all of that, parents Rob and Shelly Wall decided to go through with the pregnancy and are delighted by their son's progress. "Miraculously he kept on growing, and so did his brain, which by the age of three, scans showed had grown to 80 percent capacity. Now at the age of six, he has learned to talk and is hoping to be able to walk, surf and ski with the help of a pioneering clinic in Australia."

While Noah is still unable to walk, his parents are hopeful that he will, and are determined to help him fulfill his dreams. Click here for more.