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April 9, 2019

Law and Order: SVU’ offers surprising defense of babies conceived in rape

Law and Order: SVU’ offers surprising defense of babies conceived in rape

While many use rape as a reason for a woman to have an abortion, popular TV show “Law and Order: SVU” offered a surprising and poignant defense of preborn children conceived in rape, with the main character, Olivia Benson, pointing out that babies in these situations are innocent and don’t deserve the violence of such a cruel death.

Benson, portrayed by actress Mariska Hargitay, is investigating the alleged rape of a girl named Kitty by her therapist. When the Special Victims Unit begins investigating, Kitty realizes she is pregnant, and immediately thinks that abortion is her best choice, even though she dreamed of having children of her own. “I always dreamed of being a mom,” Kitty said. “I had this doll when I was five, Penelope. She came with a bottle and a diaper. My imaginary husband was this handsome prince named Sebastian. I never thought that my baby’s father would be a man who raped me.” Benson tries to reassure Kitty, telling her that she was strong and could get through it, but Kitty remains steadfast in her decision to have an abortion. “I could never love a baby who was conceived by a monster,” she says, before asking Benson what she thinks. And this is the first of several pro-life moments in the episode.

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