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April 10, 2019

Rapist took pre-teen victim for seven abortions, and no one stopped him

Rapist took pre-teen victim for seven abortions, and no one stopped him
Abortion has once again been used to cover up sexual abuse. The victim was sexually abused for years, beginning at age 12, and was allegedly forced to have seven abortions by Florida man Leon Norman Wiley, Jr., now 52 years old. The victim told police that Wiley took her virginity at age 12 and engaged in sex with her “500 times” up to “three times a day” until July of last year. The victim is now in her early 20s, and recently came forward about the abuse after Wiley allegedly began to make inappropriate sexual contact with her seven-year-old daughter.

According to the police report obtained by Live Action News, the victim “reported being impregnated approximately seven (7) times during those incidents. Each time she would get pregnant Leon Wiley Jr. would take her to a woman’s health clinic to receive an abortion [Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale].” It appears that the underage abortions were never reported to authorities by the abortion facilities. A spokesperson for the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office was unable to confirm to Live Action News the age of the victim with each abortion; however, the disturbing information reveals yet again how easy it is for sexual predators to use abortion to cover their crimes.

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