June 1, 2012

Sex-selection abortion now a potential election issue


The pro-life community will press on in spite of the U.S. House rejecting a bill that would have banned sex-selective abortions nationwide.

The House failed to obtain the two-thirds vote necessary to suspend rules and proceed on passage of the bill, which means it remains legal in almost all states to terminate an unborn baby's life based on his or her gender. Marilyn Musgrave, vice president of government affairs at the Susan B. Anthony List, points out the vote was not in line with the public's view.

Marilyn Musgrave (former Colorado congresswoman)"When polled -- according to the Charlotte Lozier Institute -- 77 percent of Americans support a ban on sex-selection abortion. They don't believe a little baby should die just because of its gender," she explains. "And 80 percent of women support a ban on sex-selection abortion."

Musgrave believes sex-selection abortion could be an issue in the November election.

"I think that they will keep it in mind if we can get the word out there that this president and these members of Congress are so pro-abortion that they don't even understand the moral objection that the vast majority of Americans have," she remarks. "Hearing the words 'It's a girl' should not be a reason for abortion."

Musgrave notes that sex-selection abortion is already illegal in four states -- Arizona, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. So now the battleground goes to the legislatures in the remaining 46 states to ban the abortions.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute is SBA List's education and research arm.

Contact: Charlie Butts
Source: OneNewsNow