May 25, 2012

An abortuary's priority targets


In releasing a survey that shows abortionists are targeting colleges in a substantial way, Students for Life says that underlines the need for pro-life campus groups.
Life Dynamics in 2011 released "Racial Targeting and Population Control," an exhaustive study of zip codes that proved Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities are strategically located near minority-dominated neighborhoods. Now, Students for Life's Kristan Hawkins tells OneNewsNow her group checked out the significance of Planned Parenthoods in zip codes that were not minority areas.

"Those zip codes that were not African-American or Latino neighborhoods were within five miles of a college," Haskins reports. "And then we looked at Planned Parenthoods. There [are] about 780 Planned Parenthood affiliates across America, and we found that 78.8 percent, so 615, Planned Parenthoods are located within five miles of a college [or] university."

She suspects those locations are targeting 18- to 25-year-old students and are helping Planned Parenthood sell its message of contraception and abortion. But in Hawkins' view, that underlines the need for a pro-life message.

"It just confirms what we know -- that we have to be there on college campuses because it's the ground zero of the pro-life movement," she asserts. "And it confirms even more why it's important to have a Students for Life group on a campus, to be there educating students and providing a source of support for pregnant and parenting students who need help."

She notes that with the appropriate support, pregnant students can have their babies and continue their education.

Contact: Charlie Butts
Source: OneNewsNow