October 28, 2022

Woman Hospitalized After "Very Late-Term" Abortion in Granite City

Ambulance responding to a medical emergency at
Hope Clinic for Women on October 12, 2022
photo credit: Operation Rescue
On October 12, two emergency vehicles responded to a medical emergency involving a patient who just had an abortion at Hope Clinic for Women (HCW) in Granite City, Illinois.

Pro-life onlookers reported the incident to Operation Rescue, which investigated further.

An employee from HCW called 911 to request an ambulance to transport a patient experiencing complications from an abortion. The employee told the 911 dispatcher that the patient required a "higher level of care" and asked that an ambulance transport the patient to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. According to the Call for service Detail Report, the emergency was coded as "high" priority.

The 911 call was unusually brief. This dispatcher did not ask nearly as many questions about the condition of the patient as one usually does, which is odd given the high-priority designation.

40 Days for Life volunteers noted that the woman appeared to be "very late-term." HCW commits abortions up to 24 weeks gestation. At that stage, a child can survive outside a mother's womb with proper medical care.

“This clinic has been on our radar for a long time as an extremely dangerous, late-term abortion business,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “With [HCW-owner] Julie Burkhart at the helm, we expect to see an increase in killing.”