October 27, 2022

Abortion Industry Pushes FDA to Loosen Abortion Pill Restrictions for "Miscarriage Management"

48 pro-abortion groups sent a petition to the FDA asking them to approve mifepristone for "miscarriage management" and remove even more safety regulations limiting its use.

Mifepristone is the first pill in the abortion-pill regimen. It kills unborn children by blocking the pregnancy hormone progesterone, which facilitates the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the child. The child dies via asphyxiation and starvation when progesterone is blocked by mifepristone.

Misoprostol, the second pill in the abortion pill regimen, is taken after the child has died. It induces labor, thereby removing the deceased child from the mother's womb.

If mifepristone is approved for "miscarriage management," abortion businesses will likely take advantage of the situation to circumvent pro-life laws. Pro-life states are enacting legislation prohibiting the distribution of abortion pills through the mail. By changing the pill's label use, abortion businesses could prescribe and ship pills that would cause abortions without explicitly prescribing them for that purpose.

The Biden administration has already weakened FDA regulations by allowing abortion pills to be shipped through the mail. Removing more regulations and enabling abortion businesses to skirt pro-life laws would result in even more unnecessary deaths of women and their unborn children.