October 31, 2022

Elderly Pro-Lifer Hospitalized After Assault Outside California Planned Parenthood

Paramedics responding after Ross Foti was attacked
outside the Napa, California Planned Parenthood
photo credit: Life Legal Defense Foundation
88-year-old Ross Foti was peacefully praying and advocating for life outside the Planned Parenthood facility in Napa, California when he was violently assaulted by a pro-abortion woman.

Witnesses say that the woman who attacked Foti wanted to park in a spot along the street where Foti had already parked. Foti parks there to advocate for life, and he places pro-life signs around his vehicle. Even though she was able to find another spot, the woman returned and charged at Foti. She violently shoved him, and he fell on a fire hydrant next to the sidewalk; suffering a punctured lung and other injuries. Foti was hospitalized for four days, and he still requires ongoing treatment.

The Life Legal Defense Foundation has taken up this issue to help defend the rights of pro-life advocates from future attacks. “This violent assault against Ross Foti is unconscionable,” Life Legal CEO Alexandra Snyder said in a press release. “Life Legal is committed to pursuing all legal options to obtain justice for Ross and to protect the right to pro-life speech without the fear of violence on public sidewalks.”

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