September 15, 2023

Congressmen Accuse NAF Lawyer of Perjuring Herself in Testimony

Talcott Camp, the chief legal and strategy officer for the National Abortion Federation (NAF), has been asked by members of Congress to correct her misleading testimony before Congress or face legal consequences.

Congressmen Chip Roy (R-TX) and Mike Johnson (R-LA) suggested that Camp's statements regarding the authenticity of undercover recordings featuring her “violated the law by providing misleading information to Congress.”

Camp was caught on video by undercover journalists with the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) discussing how body parts from aborted children are harvested for medical research. Roy asked Camp to explain her remarks. He cited them verbatim before Congress in May of 2023.

“I’m like—oh my God! I get it,” Camp said in the recording, referring to crushing the skulls of unborn babies. “When the skull is broken, that’s really sharp! I get it! I understand why people are talking about getting that skull out, that calvarium.”

Camp responded to Roy's question by telling Congress it would be "impossible" for her to know whether she made the recorded statement. She told Congress that the videos were heavily edited.

Documents filed by the NAF in 2017 during court proceedings with the CMP certified the videos as authentic. Upon finding these documents, Roy and Johnson called on Camp to correct the record.

“As part of your testimony, you questioned the authenticity of statements recorded on video that you had previously made and that the National Abortion Federation had certified as authentic in court proceedings,” the congressmen said.

“Naturally, these conflicting facts and statements raise serious questions regarding the accuracy of your testimony,” they continued. “Providing false and misleading information to Congress violates the law. It is our goal to give you the opportunity to correct the record and ensure that the American people and their congressional representatives have a complete understanding of the truth.”

The Congressmen asked Camp to provide a response before Sept. 18 to amend her testimony.

CMP undercover journalist David Daleiden provided a statement to the Daily Signal:

“The National Abortion Federation will go as far as perjuring themselves before Congress to deny what the tapes clearly show,” he said, namely “Big Abortion’s candid admissions that their business is based around killing babies and selling their body parts.”

“As one of the undercover reporters involved in the taping, I can confirm the recording’s authenticity even if Talcott Camp and NAF continue to perjure themselves about it,” Daleiden added. “I will never forget the look on her face at a NAF commercial tradeshow when she gleefully described feeling the broken pieces of an aborted baby’s skull.”