November 13, 2020

Flossmoor Planned Parenthood Calls 911 for Patient "Bleeding Out"

photo credit: Operation Rescue
The Planned Parenthood clinic in Flossmoor, IL put a patient in grave danger after a surgical abortion last month. Two 911 calls were made by employees, the first of which described the patient as "bleeding out."

The Pro-Life Action League obtained 911 records from medical emergency calls made by the clinic on Oct. 9. A 25-year old woman was sedated and unconscious after having a surgical abortion but continued to bleed profusely. To save her from the life-threatening situation caused by the surgical abortion procedure, the clinic called for an ambulance twice.

If the player below isn't working, click here to listen to a recording of the calls.

On the first call, the 911 dispatcher dispatched an ambulance and told the clinic worker to call her back if anything changed. An ambulance arrived at the abortion clinic three minutes after that first call. Before it arrived, however, a separate worker made another 911 call. She again asked for an ambulance and urgently stressed that the patient needed medical attention as soon as possible.

Operation Rescue, a pro-life organization which tracks medical emergencies caused by abortion clinics throughout the nation, has reported five medical emergencies caused by the clinic since it was opened in 2018.

“This Planned Parenthood was said to be a state-of-the-art abortion facility when it was built a couple of years ago, yet they can’t seem to keep their abortion clients out of the emergency room,” said Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue. “This shows yet again that abortion is not safe and carries more risks than Planned Parenthood wants women to believe. Women risk their health and even their lives when they walk through the doors of an abortion facility.”