November 13, 2020

Leaked Biden Administrative Agenda Shows Plans to Undo Pro-Life Executive Orders

photo credit: jlhervàs / Flickr
Joe Biden's recently-leaked administrative agenda shows that one of his top priorities as a president would be to overturn President Donald Trump's pro-life executive orders.

The documents, attributed to a Biden-aligned organization called the Glover Park Group, show that Biden's early executive actions related to health care include, "Revers[ing] Trump actions on abortion and reproductive health care, including reversing the Mexico City Policy, restoring funding to Planned Parenthood and contraceptive coverage under the ACA."

The Mexico City Policy prohibits federal foreign aid funding from going to organizations that promote or commit abortions.

He also instituted a rule which required family planning organizations to stop promoting abortion, committing abortions, or co-locating with organizations that commit abortions if they wanted to receive Title X funding. Planned Parenthood refused to operate by those rules and instead chose to forego that funding. States and Medicaid have stepped in to fill that gap, however. Overall government funding of the abortion giant has not suffered as a result. Given the Biden administration's desire to restore funding to Planned Parenthood, it is a safe bet that the Title X rule would be reverted as well.

Biden has also promised to end Hyde Amendment, which is supposed to prevent federal tax dollars from being used to fund abortion. This amendment has been applied to every federal appropriations bill since 1976.