September 9, 2020

Media Refuses to Run Ad for Class Action Lawsuit Against Planned Parenthood

Screenshot from Thomas More Society ad
The pro-life Thomas More Society produced two video advertisements seeking California women who were deceived by Planned Parenthood into believing their aborted children's tissue was being donated when it was actually being sold. The organization is putting together a class-action lawsuit against the abortion giant, and it originally planned on airing the ad on every major television network in the state of California, but each and every local affiliate has refused to let the Thomas More Society purchase an ad slot.

The class-action lawsuit is a response to the Center for Medical Progress's viral videos which came out in 2015. They featured clips from undercover conversations pro-life investigators (posing as potential buyers of fetal tissue) had with Planned Parenthood officials. The Center for Medical Progress exposed that Planned Parenthood was selling tissue from aborted children against federal laws, but Planned Parenthood has yet to face any legal repercussions for its actions. Instead, the investigators are being prosecuted for allegedly breaking California privacy laws.

In response to local affiliates refusing to show the advertisements, Thomas More Society Special Counsel Paul Jonna said, “The facts contained in these short little video clips have been corroborated by reports from Congress, the select investigation panel, and the Senate Judiciary Committee. We’re not just making stuff up – these are facts documented in the public record already. These companies actually asked for further information, and they still refused to air [the] [ads].” 

The streaming services Hulu, Pandora, and Premion also refused to air the advertisements normally. Hulu refused outright, Pandora requested that mentions of Planned Parenthood be removed, and Premion said it would only air the advertisements outside of primetime hours.

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