September 9, 2020

Exposed University of New Mexico Logs Show Gruesome Details of Fetal Tissue Harvesting

photo credit: Andrew Malone / Flickr
A gruesomely detailed set of logs from the University of New Mexico was recently released by the pro-life group Abortion on Trial. The logs describe baby body parts obtained by the university through its partnership with the abortion business, Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO).

SWO provided the body parts to UNM for the sake of scientific research, and the logs show specifically what body parts researchers were able to dissect from each abortion victim. In addition, notes following some of these entries show the flippant attitude with which researchers regard each child; completely ignoring their humanity.

The notes show researchers' excitement or disappointment at the level of development a child reached before being harvested. In one instance, a researcher was clearly excited they were able to obtain a completely developed pancreas. When writing the log, the researcher wrote that they collected an “ENTIRE PANCREAS — whoo hoo!!!” In another instance, a researcher drew a frowning face after noting that a child's stomach was broken and no pancreas was obtainable.

In one incredibly disturbing case, an intact brain harvested from a 24-28 week old preborn child was planned to be dissected at a high school summer camp.