July 17, 2020

Teenagers Recorded Beating Pregnant Mother and her Toddler in Brooklyn, Illinois

Screen capture from Twitter video
A disturbing video began circulating Twitter this week which showed a group of teenagers attacking a pregnant mother and a toddler in Brooklyn, Illinois.
In the video, two teenage women are shown punching a pregnant woman, pulling her hair, and dragging her to the ground while a teenage boy is shown drop-kicking the mother's toddler in the face. The boy then proceeds to kick the pregnant woman's head and even slams her into a door frame by kicking her in the back once she is allowed to get up. Throughout the entire incident, the toddler can be heard screaming in pain and fear.

Brooklyn police confirmed that they responded to a "disturbance" on Friday which involved minors and adults. The police said that the woman suffered minor head injuries, but was able to identify her assailants. The police are investigating the incident and the individuals involved are pending charges.