July 31, 2020

Teen Hospitalized after Abortion at Chicago Clinic

A 17-year-old girl experienced a medical emergency on May 30 after completing an abortion at the Michigan Avenue Center for Health in downtown Chicago.

According to 911 records collected by the Pro-Life Action League and released in a video by Operation Rescue, the 17-year old girl who had a history of seizures suffered severe seizures after completing an abortion and required an ambulance. The ambulance was asked to park in the back alley of the clinic to pick up the patient because the caller believed it was "more accessible."

The owners of the Michigan Avenue Center for Health used to own seven abortion facilities, but over time husband and wife Vinod and Vijay Goyal have had to close four of them. The Michigan Avenue clinic appears to be in the process of closing down, so that number may soon decrease to two abortion clinics.