March 12, 2020

Ohio Senate Passes Telemedicine Abortion Ban

The Ohio Senate passed Senate Bill 260 on Wednesday. If passed by both houses and signed into law, this bill would ban the use of telemedicine as a method of providing abortion drugs directly to women seeking abortions.

The purpose of this bill is to prevent women from attempting to complete at-home abortions without the supervision of a medical professional by using drugs ordered over the phone or the internet. People who attempt telemedicine abortions will most often be given the abortion pill regimen of Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The former starves an unborn child by interrupting the flow of nutrients from a mother to her child, while the latter induces labor to remove the deceased child from the mother's womb.

Many, including Ohio Right to Life Vice President Stephanie Ranade Krider, argue that using telemedicine to promote at-home abortions is dangerous for women, and doctors should be present throughout the process.
“As the proportion of chemically-induced abortion continues to increase, greater care – not less – ought to be exercised in ensuring women’s safety. While it is too late for the unborn baby on whom the effects of this drug will be almost certainly fatal, using telemedicine to dispense dangerous, abortion-inducing drugs, as Planned Parenthood is already doing in Ohio, shows the abortion industry’s lack of regard for the danger it poses their patients. It is unacceptable to compromise patient safety for the convenience of the industry.”
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