January 24, 2020

Massachusetts Woman Hospitalized After Hemorrhaging a Half-Gallon of Blood During Abortion

An employee at Four Women Health Services in Attleboro, Massachusetts called 911 after the clinic committed an abortion which caused a patient to hemorrhage over a half-gallon of blood.

“This is an emergency. I need you to come and bring the patient to the hospital,” the employee said. She was slow to respond to the 911 operator's question and only revealed that the patient was hemorrhaging after she was asked a second time.

The patient was on multiple prescription medications when she had her abortion. According to Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, the local abortion center had no business trying to complete an abortion procedure on a patient with that medical history.

“This woman obviously had some medical issues that added risks to her abortion. She should have been cared for by legitimate health care professionals, and not the abortion hacks down at the local mill,” Newman said. “The reality is that women suffer life-threatening abortion complications nearly every day, and sometimes women die. Abortion isn’t safe, and that is a dirty secret that the Abortion Cartel can no longer keep.”

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