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January 24, 2020

Ohio State Senator to Introduce Bill Protecting Women from Telemed Abortions

The practice of selling abortion medication online to women to use in their homes without medical supervision has resulted in the deaths of at least 24 women in the US (though likely more since most states don't report abortion-related statistics). An Ohio State Senator plans to introduce legislation designed to stop that practice from killing women in his state.

Ohio State Senator Steve Huffman says his bill will require women who want to use the abortion pill to visit an abortion facility.

“It’s about safety,” Huffman said to NBC 4. “… It’s so important that someone should be there looking somebody in the eye and making that decision, not somebody out in California or New York that has a website that you can get on and get the medication to have an abortion.”

Huffman plans to introduce the bill next week and believes it can garner enough support to make it to Ohio's House of Representatives.

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