December 24, 2019

Man Pleads Guilty to Paying Money to Have Girlfriend Killed Because She Wouldn't Abort

VonTrey Clark
VonTrey Clark, an ex-Austin police officer who was extradited from Indonesia where he fled to escape charges in 2015, was convicted of offering money to have Samantha Dean, his pregnant girlfriend, murdered because she refused to abort their child.

Before September, Clark pled not guilty to charges related to Dean's death. This plea change resulted in him receiving life in prison rather than the death penalty. Witnesses say he offered $5,000 to have Dean murdered.

Taylor Dean, Samantha Dean's younger sister, spoke directly to Clark during the trial:

“The one person that I can turn to for moral advice or support is gone, thanks to you,” Taylor Dean said. “You stole my favorite person.

“But that’s not all. You stole an innocent child, you stole my niece. It’s incredible that someone so small could bring so much joy,” she went on. “You stole our future memories, too.”

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