December 24, 2019

Pro-Abortion Advocates Plan to Fight for Repeal of Parental Notification in 2020

Illinois State Capitol
Credit: J. Stephen Conn / Flickr
Terry Cosgrove, president of the pro-abortion political action committee Personal PAC, recently told POLITICO that repealing Illinois' parental notification law is their “biggest priority” in 2020.

The Illinois Parental Notification of Abortion Act requires abortion clinics to notify parents before performing an abortion on a patient 17 years old or younger. The act was passed in 1995, but pro-life advocates may have to fight to keep it on the books in 2020.

Illinois Right to Life Executive Director Mary Kate Knorr responded to the news from POLITICO with an explanation of why parental notification is so important.

“This is purely predatory behavior by Terry Cosgrove and Planned Parenthood of Illinois,” said Knorr. “They are preying on minor girls and strategically forcing parents out of the conversation to cash in on their vulnerability.”

“This is a direct attack on the rights of parents – not just across the state, but across the Midwest. Repealing this law does not protect girls in crisis; on the contrary, it protects their abusers and traffickers by opening the door for coercion and forced abortions.”

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