October 18, 2019

Young Belgium Woman Applies for Euthanasia for Mental Illness

Credit: Joe Flintham / Flickr
A 23-year-old Belgian woman named Kelly recently applied for assisted suicide via lethal injection. Kelly reportedly suffered from anxiety, self-harm, an eating disorder and has even attempted suicide on her own in the past. While she was in a hospital undergoing treatment, Kelly learned from a psychologist that she could be euthanized if two psychologists confirm that her mental suffering is "unbearable and untreatable."

"We can't allow society to abandon these people," Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition told OneNewsNow. "This is what euthanasia is about. It's about an abandonment. We're abandoning them to their pain rather than helping them find hope in living."

83 people have been killed in Belgium via assisted suicide for mental illness. Click here or here to read more.