October 18, 2019

Mary Thoms More Society Comments on "Deceptive" Planned Parenthood Clinic

The Thomas More Society issued a press release earlier this month regarding the secretly-built Planned Parenthood mega-clinic in Fairview Heights, Illinois. “The deceptive move is reminiscent of the abortion giant’s covert Oct. 2, 2007 opening of what was then the nation’s largest abortion clinic in Aurora, Illinois.” it said. The abortion business used a shell company to hide the true purpose of the facility during its construction. Planned Parenthood knew that the people of southern Illinois would not receive the facility well, so it relied on deception to prevent protests and complete construction by a deadline. Illinois residents may not even be the primary target group for the facility.

“Planned Parenthood is obviously taking advantage of Illinois’ newly earned status as the Midwest’s ‘abortion tourism destination state,’ targeting women and children from across the Missouri state line, where laws are in place to protect women and girls from the most radical and dangerous abortion practices,” Thomas said in the release. "This purveyor of death has pulled off a sneak attack on the unsuspecting residents of both states in order to profit by preying on pregnant women in Illinois and Missouri.”

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