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October 4, 2019

Mother Learns School Nurse Put Birth Control Implant in Daughter Without Notification

Screenshot from video explaining the Nexplanon implantation process.
Credit: Design Science / YouTube
Nicole Lambert, a mother in Baltimore, Maryland, learned that a school nurse put a birth control implant in her 16-year old daughter without asking for the mother's consent. Her daughter was experiencing headaches, so they visited her pediatrician and learned that a contraceptive tube had been improperly implanted in her daughter's arm without the mother's knowledge, let alone consent. The doctor recommended its removal to alleviate the discomfort and any further side-effects.

“Ms. Lambert wasn’t given the choice to pick the medical provider where her daughter would feel comfortable going and receiving these services, who she knew did a comprehensive medical exam, who she knew knew her medical history,” said David Ledyard, her new attorney.“Are they looking at the medical history of the students and doing a full workup before implanting these devices? What is the certification process and training of the nurses?” Birth control in this situation was seen as a right that surpassed even this mother's right to care for her child by taking her to a medical professional she trusted.  Click here to read more.