October 7, 2019

New Bill Would Require States to Report When Babies Survive Abortions

Sens. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, and Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas recently introduced the Ensuring Accurate and Complete Abortion Data Reporting Act of 2019 which, if passed, would require states to report when a child survives and is delivered after an attempted abortion. This data would then be publicly available and would serve as an additional resource to the Guttmacher Institute reports, which are biased in favor of abortion and only collect information on a voluntary basis.

Other organizations attempt to report statistics regarding abortion, but they have difficulty collecting information. The United States Center for Disease Control also only collects information submitted voluntarily by states. States report various amounts of information that is dependent on each state's individual reporting requirements. California, Maryland, and New Hampshire report no information whatsoever. Click here to read more.