October 15, 2019

Abortion Survivors Speak About their Experiences

At the Values Voter Summit held on October 11 in Washington DC, a panel of three abortion survivors shared their experiences coping with the circumstances of their births. The three speakers were Melissa Ohden, a pro-life public speaker who survived an abortion forced on her mother by her own mother while she was in college, Josiah Presley, a man who survived a curettage abortion in South Korea before being adopted by a pastor in Oklahoma, and Claire Culwell, whose grandmother also forced her mother into abortion. Claire's twin was aborted, but Claire survived, albeit with health issues.

Each of them spoke about the numerous emotions they worked through as they learned about what nearly ended their lives before they had even left their mothers' wombs. They came to the conclusion that having a close relationship with God and forgiving their birth mothers was the most helpful thing they could do to move past this. Click here to read more of their testimony.